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By Patrick Campbell

Strava’s pricing is for beginners

This week, we're going on a run. Or perhaps a bike ride. Look—we're talking about Strava. As a
By Patrick Campbell

Monday.com: Does their pricing end or drive their week?

This week, we're starting with Monday. Fitting, right?  Monday.com is a behemoth in the project
By Patrick Campbell

Subscribing to Joe Rogan

This week, we're talking about a little-known podcaster, who is also a UFC commentator—former
By Patrick Campbell

Can Amazon Prime stay prime?

This week, we are talking about the greatest subscription in the history of humankind. It's one
By Patrick Campbell

Is commoditization in Klaviyo's pricing future?

This week we are talking about Boston's own Klaviyo, which has taken the ecommerce market by
By Patrick Campbell

Can Netflix stay relevant?

This week, we're taking on a company that has done the impossible time and time again—Netflix.
By Patrick Campbell

Ancestry's pricing lacking monetary DNA

This week, we're going back in time to study the subscription model of Ancestry.com. And before
By Patrick Campbell

Can bundling take Xero to zero?

This week we're talking about accounting software. Hey, don't fall asleep. It's interesting. I
By Patrick Campbell

Should Chipotle have a subscription?

This week we are talking about the champion of fast, casual, and healthy dining—Chipotle—the
By Patrick Campbell
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