Can bundling take Xero to zero?

This week we're talking about accounting software. Hey, don't fall asleep. It's interesting. I
By Patrick Campbell

Should Chipotle have a subscription?

This week we are talking about the champion of fast, casual, and healthy dining—Chipotle—the
By Patrick Campbell

Is Front pushing too hard?

This week we're breaking down a company that is both reinventing a new space, but as also
By Patrick Campbell

Can Spotify keep their music throne?

This week we are talking about music, juggernaut, Spotify, which revolutionized the music
By Patrick Campbell

A Twitter subscription?

This week we're talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of social network, Twitter. I
By Patrick Campbell

Shopify: Mission metric or mission impossible?

This week we are talking about the big e-commerce giant, the winner in the market, at least for
By Patrick Campbell

Is Zoom becoming too general?

This week we are talking about the enterprise B2B behemoth, Zoom. Zoom is one of the darlings of
By Patrick Campbell A bold and opinionated pricing strategy

Welcome to a new season of Pricing Page Teardown where the ProfitWell crew breaks down
By Patrick Campbell

Tearing Down the Pricing of Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal

Bloomberg’s online subscription created quite the kerfuffle when it was released, sporting a
By Patrick Campbell

Tearing down the pricing of quilting and knitting

The quilting and knitting industries are a lot bigger than you think, which is why we’re going
By Patrick Campbell
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