An introduction to product segmentation strategies [+examples]

Not all customers are the same. This is, after all, the reason your marketing department
By ProfitWell

Drift's David Cancel on achieving hypergrowth

Bikes give me anxiety. I mean I’m not scared of them, but after cycling a ton as a kid to get
By Patrick Campbell

Understanding and improving product adoption with strong analytics

Product adoption is the key to customer retention and brand loyalty. Customers who find immense
By ProfitWell

What is revenue sharing: How to structure an agreement & accurately track revenue

Revenue sharing takes several forms, although each iteration involves an agreement between
By ProfitWell

Andela's Jeremy Johnson on the value of distributed teams

Bowling and I don’t have a good relationship. I’m terrible and while you may not care, bowling’s
By Patrick Campbell

Tracking user management metrics & rates to reduce churn

Many SaaS business owners know that you need to track information regarding churn and
By ProfitWell

Revenue management playbook: Definition, strategies, & software

Companies predominantly use revenue management in industries characterized by fixed capacity and
By ProfitWell

Product engagement guide: Improving engagement to boost retention

For SaaS businesses, retention is key. Too much churn and you'll be spending more on customer
By ProfitWell

Kissflow's Suresh Sambandam on the importance of great talent

Big countries like the United States are an amalgamation of many cultures. If you’ve been to
By Patrick Campbell

What is accrued revenue & how to record it

At a basic level, the concept of doing business is easy. You provide a product or service to a
By ProfitWell

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