Nom Nom: retention worth barking about

Today we're talking about Nom Nom, a company that's revolutionized the subscription dog-food
By John Arcanti

The need to keep data privacy in mind when acquiring customers

If you run a SaaS business, you need to know how data privacy may affect your company. Around
By Masha Komnenic CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, FIP - Guest Author

A looming recession & what the data says

There's a recession looming...
By Patrick Campbell

Can Hint continue to quench demand?

Today we're talking about Hint, a company that disrupted the beverage industry with water and
By John Arcanti

Birchbox: retention makeover or touch up?

Today we're talking about BirchBox, a company that's revolutionized the multi-billion dollar
By John Arcanti

eSalon — a customized way to dye

Today we're talking about eSalon, a company that's revolutionized the home hair color market.
By John Arcanti

As competition heats up, can Blue Apron continue to deliver?

Today we're talking about Blue Apron, a company that's revolutionized the meal-kit industry.
By John Arcanti

We sold ProfitWell ❤️

I’ve published a lot of content for you over the years, but this post is the hardest, so I’ll
By Patrick Campbell

Ultimate Guide to Gross Revenue: Formula, Calculation, Recognition & Recording

It's not uncommon for companies to announce their fiscal quarterly or annual gross revenue. Just
By ProfitWell

Optimize user offboarding process to discover the reasons behind cancellation

Most SaaS companies understand the importance of onboarding. A proper onboarding experience
By ProfitWell

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