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By Patrick Campbell

Zelkova's Jay Levy on investor-founder relationships

What was it like the first time you started at a new school? This could be primary, secondary,
By ProfitWell

Payrix's Bob Butler on the anchor tenant strategy

In the 1950s, Victor Gruen introduced a new concept to the United States. This was a world where
By ProfitWell

Building a premier marketing team with Tara Robertson

Water is going to fill the path that gravity takes it. It’s how we get rivers that flow
By ProfitWell

Sales development done right with Lars Nilsson

We all want to get on the rollercoaster. And if you were a particular type of person, you could
By ProfitWell

Building in public with Arvid Kahl

Privacy is important. Each of us has our own scale of what we consider sacred. You might be
By ProfitWell

Is the Figma acquisition different?

Since 1982, Adobe has dominated the software market. Responsible for such products like
By Ben Hillman

Eugene Levin and the road to IPO

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” That was Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, at
By ProfitWell

How Shopify changed commerce

Selling an item is relatively easy. Whether it’s old clothing, a bicycle, or even baked goods,
By Ben Hillman

When Microsoft double-crossed Intuit

Hefty fines and prison time. That’s what’ll happen if you don’t have your books in order. You
By Ben Hillman
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