Audit-proof revenue recognition—right
here, right now.

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Revenue Recognition Shouldn't be This Hard. Your Time is Better Spent Elsewhere.

Real talk

Revenue recognition should be an after thought.

You’re spending too many hours across weeks on recognizing revenue that you know isn't perfect. That time should be spent analyzing and understanding your business.

Human Error
Too Many Spreadsheets
Time spent complying, not analyzing
Costly engineering resources
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Rigorous and impossibly precise

Reliably managing thousands of lines in a spreadsheet is better left to an Advanced AI. Designed by accountants. Implemented by experienced engineers. Audited by big four accounting firms.

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Our team of accountants and engineers have your back.

We take care of all the hard calculations to free up your time for analysis and action

Defered revenue—solved

No matter your volume or pricing model, deferrals are handled.

Multi-element arrangements—solved

Complications, bundles, revenue models are all taken care of.

Evolving standards—solved

ASC 606, IFRS 15, and any other changes are monitored and implemented.

Human error—solved

Some calculations are better handled by massive, intelligent algorithms.

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We've fought for every inch of accuracy and compliance
3,000+ hrs Time spent perfecting our algorithms

We brought engineers, accountants, and the Big Four together for perfection

1,000+ Edge cases

Every edge case you can think of - time zone, currency, locations - taken care of

5 min Initial Set-up time

The work on your end takes 5 minutes for us to get you a trial report


All the Financial Reporting You Need

We’re your on-call FP&A team for any supplemental reports, from geography and tax reports to refund and waterfall reports.

Monthly recognized revenue
Deferred Revenue
Geography Reports
Recognized from Deferred
Tax Reports
Currency Reporting