Customer Support: The Main Pillar of Retention?

Churn is the biggest enemy a SaaS business has. It reduces your income and increases your costs
By Danette Acosta

Customer Engagement: Definition, Benefits, and Strategies To Improve Your Retention

No matter how intangible and unmeasurable feelings may seem, marketing experts managed to wrap
By ProfitWell

Retention Analysis: 6 Steps To Analyze & Report On Customer Retention

The efficiency of customer retention efforts is hard to underestimate. With 80% of your future
By Danette Acosta

Average Customer Retention Rate by Industry

A high customer retention rate is an integral component of success. Business owners all over the
By Danette Acosta

6 Customer Retention Metrics Vital to Growth | ProfitWell

According to Walker, 2020 is the year where businesses need to shift their mindsets from
By ProfitWell

What Is Customer Attrition & How To Reduce Client Attrition Rate

For SaaS companies, customer attrition is one of the worst things that can happen to the health
By Danette Acosta

How to calculate retention rate: Top 4 mistakes & retention rate formula

Most entrepreneurs think that “growing” equals “gaining.” But in SaaS, there's a much more
By Danette Acosta

Customer Retention: 8 Strategies To Increase Revenue

Acquisition is the weakest growth lever. How do we know this? We studied the levers—acquisition,
By Danette Acosta
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