Customer Churn Prevention: The Biggest Thing Keeping you Profitable

We all know that churn (aka customer attrition) is the not-so-silent killer of SaaS businesses.
By Patrick Campbell

Why a Customer Churn Model for Prediction is Challenging, But Worth it

preChurn (aka customer attrition) is a scourge on subscription businesses. When your revenue is
By Patrick Campbell

MRR Churn: Calculating and Reducing MRR Churn Rate for SaaS

The biggest threat to your SaaS business’ success? Churn.
By Patrick Campbell

Reduce Customer Churn in 5 Steps with Bullet-Proof Retention

Burbn was a foursquare knock-off. A location-based app that let you check-in to places, earn
By Patrick Campbell

Ultimate Guide to Churn Rate: Definition & 4 Churn Rate Formulas for Calculating Churn

At its core, customer churn rate is a super simple concept: Your churn rate is the percentage of
By Patrick Campbell

Why Customers Churn: Top 8 Causes of Churn

Remember the story of Icarus?
By Patrick Campbell

Customer Churn: The Experts Data Driven Guide to Churn

Customer churn is the silent killer of the subscription business. With rising customer
By Patrick Campbell
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