Willingness to Pay: What Is WTP & How To Increase It

Anyone whose taken an economics class has heard of supply and demand. Producers want to charge a
By ProfitWell

How to Calculate Total Addressable Market to Drive Hockey-Stick Growth

Understanding the total addressable market for a specific product or service is vital to the
By ProfitWell

Pricing Changes: Why It Works & How to Increase Prices to Drive Growth

Many businesses have a two-fold problem with pricing. First, they don't spend enough time
By ProfitWell

What Is Cash Flow in Business & Why Is It So Important

Cash is the lifeblood of your business. Just as you need blood flowing through your veins to
By ProfitWell

SaaS Application Development: How to Build a Scalable Revenue Engine

If you've been thinking about starting a SaaS business, here's a motivating stat: SaaS revenue
By ProfitWell

Everything You Need to Know About Freemium in 2021

As the strategy grows in popularity, almost everyone has used a product released under the
By ProfitWell

Top 10 DTC Marketing Strategies & Successful Real-world Examples

The rising popularity of DTC (Direct to Consumer or D2C) marketing is impossible to ignore. Even
By ProfitWell

What Is Geographical Pricing & Why It’s An Underrated Growth Lever

There are many factors that go into a successful pricing strategy. For SaaS businesses, pricing
By ProfitWell

What Is Gross Margin? + How to Calculate It with the Gross Margin Formula

If you are like many business owners, you don't have an accounting or business background. Terms
By ProfitWell

What is Promotional Pricing & Is It The Right Strategy For You?

Promotional pricing has long been used in the retail industry to help increase sales volume. But
By ProfitWell
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