Retention Strategy Webinar

Join ProfitWell for a Retention Strategy Webinar on Thursday, June 25th at 11AM EDT. We pulled data from 18,147 subscription companies of all shapes, sizes, and verticals.

The verdict? The majority of subscription companies are overly focused on acquisition when it comes to growth.

To get more, we look to retention.

We'll kick off this webinar with retention benchmarks, then dive into specific trends and actionable insights.

In it, you'll discover:

  • How the subscription economy is evolving and why optimizing retention is essential for growth
  • How to leverage the subscription evolution on both the active and involuntary sides of fighting churn
  • Easily implemented, revenue-boosting tweaks
  • The retention mistakes we see too often (and how to thwart them)

We'll also, as always, leave time for a Q&A for your burning questions.

Space is limited so register now to secure your spot!



Patrick C. Campbell

Co-Founder & CEO of ProfitWell