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How to Setup a Zuora Account with ProfitWell

Patrick Campbell Nov 19 2019

Zuora is a leader in the SaaS space, such a leader that it coined the term “subscription economy.” Its software gives companies the tools and courage to join the subscription universe. Zuora automates recurring billing, collections, quoting, revenue recognition, and subscription metrics. 

And, you can use Zuora through ProfitWell. Our integration with Zuora gives companies the ability to unlock subscription power they never even knew they had. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to get started with Zuora and what ProfitWell adds to the mix. 



How to set up a Zuora account: 7 steps

Setting up a Zuora account is simple. You sign up in a few, easy steps inputting basic information. 

1. Visit Zuora and click "try Zuora for free."

2. Enter in company information.

3. Connect your store with Zuora. This can easily be done if you have a Zuora integration on your site's provider. If not, use API keys to connect.


4. Connect ProfitWell and click "Connect Now" on our page


5. Login to PW

6. Connect and allow ProfitWell's permissions to use Zuora

7. Enjoy in-depth SaaS metrics. Now, with ProfitWell, you'll get in-depth SaaS metrics like ARPU, MRR, ARR, and more. 



What ProfitWell adds for Zuora customers

Using ProfitWell and Zuora simultaneously will do wonders for your subscription business. With Zuora’s seamless subscription software combined with our expertise in pricing, you’ll be maximizing revenue in no time. I’ll unpack what ProfitWell can track for Zuora customers. 


SaaS metrics

MRR- Monthly recurring revenue: ProfitWell seeks to increase MRR. When calculating MRR, the first thing ProfitWell does is break down bi-monthly, quarterly and/or annual contracts into subscription value. MRR is an extremely important SaaS metric to track because it’s an indicator of your company’s health.

ARR—Annual recurring revenue: Like MRR, annual recurring revenue, or ARR, is another SaaS metric tracked through ProfitWell. We track it so you can maximize it. ARR is the summation of your yearly MRR, so an increase in MRR will lead to increased ARR.

ARPU: average revenue per user: ARPU is the average amount of monthly revenue that you receive per user. Tracking ARPU allows you to identify trends and implement change that can shift the trajectory of your business toward that large pool of SaaS profits you’d like to achieve. ProfitWell will provide you with a deepened understanding of your company’s ARPU.


Churn metrics

We break down churn into two subcategories—cancellations and delinquent. Cancellations are the customers who actively choose to cancel their accounts. Delinquent churn are customers who churned because of an issue with their credit card. We make a distinction between the time in which a user tells you they don’t want your product anymore, and the time in which said cancellation actually takes place. Our product works to prevent both types of churn. Less churn = more revenue.


Customer insight

ProfitWell provides insight into what your customer really wants. Customer research is crucial to building valuable features and to avoid building a flawed product. Our tools look deeply into what features customers want and how much they are willing to pay for them.


Zuora setup FAQs

Connecting Zuora and ProfitWell should be painless, but it’s natural to have questions. 

Here are some common questions we receive: 


Is Zuora free?

Zuora is not free, but it offers a free trial period. Once the trial is over and if you like the product, it will give you customized pricing based on your company.


Will Zuora work with my website?

Zuora will work with your website if you have access to application interface keys, or API keys.


Do I need to login to Zuora before using ProfitWell metrics?

No, once connected you’ll just need to login to PW.


Work smarter with SaaS metrics

Smart revenue growth begins with accurate SaaS metrics. In a world where the subscription universe is rapidly expanding, you need to take advantage of tools that will unleash potential growth and turn it into revenue. Zuora is a leader in the subscription space. By combining your ProfitWell account with Zuora, you’re guaranteed to gain the deepest understanding of your subscription company. 

By Patrick Campbell

Founder & CEO of ProfitWell, the software for helping subscription companies with their monetization and retention strategies, as well as providing free turnkey subscription financial metrics for over 20,000 companies. Prior to ProfitWell Patrick led Strategic Initiatives for Boston-based Gemvara and was an Economist at Google and the US Intelligence community.

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