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Abby Sullivan Apr 23 2020


Today, we’re all in for the doers and the makers—with Product Hunt’s Makers Festival, WFH edition. Plus, an insider’s hack to better design, created with pure simplicity. 


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The Makers Festival: WFH edition

Over the past several years, the crew at Product Hunt has put on the Makers Festival, encouraging makers to keep building, tinkering, and launching products. 


I’ll back up here for a second, though. If you’re not familiar with Product Hunt, here’s the Reader’s Digest lowdown: Product Hunt is a curation of the best new products in tech, compiled for you every day. You can utilize the site to see what’s up with the latest in mobile apps, websites, and tech products that people are digging right now, upvoted by visitors to the site, so you know they're legit. It’s a hub curated by product pros, made for the product-obsessed out there.

And today we’re talking about a culmination of those products, during Product Hunt’s hackathon-esque event. Past Makers Festivals have been hosted online and open to people from all industries, originating from anywhere on the map (not just for the software savants out there, although they’re very much welcomed, too). 

And this year’s festival has a twist: With remote work mandates climbing, the Product Hunt team figured there's no better time than now to host a global/WFH festival, focused entirely on relief efforts

The Product Hunt team says they’ve already seen some baller initiatives. Here are some notables I found:RecurNow-TheAwarenessChatbot



Product Hunt is encouraging makers to think uniquely here—whether that means building products around self care, at-home entertainment, combating the spread of misinformation, or something for healthcare workers on the frontlines. You can work as a solo maker or on remote teams, on any platform.

On the flip side, you can also vote for your favorites through tomorrow, April 24, at 11 pm PST (and hopefully utilize some of these products on your own). Head here for all your info.


Relief for TALNTed prospects

All in the name of the remote work game, we see Scott Hanford, Director of Digital Marketing at InVision, who’s sharing a personal project he’s launching, called TALNT. Over the last four weekends, he says, he and his friend Nick Meehan built this as part of the WFH Makers Festival, to help people in tech who've lost their jobs due to the crisis. 


The motivation behind the build: Scott knows that many projects have launched to help laid-off employees since the outbreak of COVID-19, but one thing stood out among them: The tools were not as helpful to recruiters as they needed to be.

By making something more useful for employers, the duo hopes to get more of them onto the platform (namely, more hires made). They did this by making something more "curated,” whereby they require all candidates pass a reference check prior to joining TALNT.


And Scott says he’s pumped to witness how much the community has stepped it up. He calls out companies like Typeform, Webflow, and Airtable, specifically, for offering free, premium accounts for COVID projects benefitting the community—ultimately saving the team money during the creation. 

I have to admit, four weekends of work and these guys have created something legit. (I am nerding out over the website design in and of itself.) You can check it out for yourself, here


Your Subscription Stimulus Package

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out our Subscription Stimulus Package, an initiative we launched with 50+ other names in the space (and room for more partnerships) to help get our neighbors back on track during a time of uncertainty for so many. 

If you're interested in getting on board for 10% of your MRR in savings, head here

If you want to partner with our crew and offer your own savings initiative, email brian@profitwell.com for more info. on collaboration. 

There have been plenty of dark moments, but there is beauty to be found in this—in the ability to come together and fight for our team and our customers. We’re in it together.

ProfitWell featured user

RecurNow-Canva1To wrap, we have today’s featured user: Canva, the online gurus making your design life more seamless and, of course, more beautiful to look at. 

I consider myself a content queen, but admittedly I struggle with the visual aspects of the job (lucky for me, I have a killer team dedicated to designing the good stuff for me). But when I want to take matters into my own hands, I look to Canva. 

Canva offers an easy-to-navigate interface for creators (or newbies to the space), with drag-and-drop features and layouts, so you can design, share, and print business cards, logos, presentations, posters, flyers, resumes, you name it.

And the Canva team just unlocked its entire content library for Pro users, offering everything they’ve got at no extra cost. You can even get another 30-day trial if you’re on a free account. Here's the access you need

That’s a wrap on your April 23 Recur Now. If you have news to spread or input on any topic we cover, you can connect with me at abby@recurnow.com. Again, we are in this together. 

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By Abby Sullivan

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