Type C is the New Type A

Abby Sullivan May 11 2020


Today on the show, your customer is the hero. Plus, we look at the archetypes of marketers with Mayur Gupta (and declare which one you should be).

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Notable numbers from a week in review

📈7 day +0.63%     |      📈30 day +1.47%      |      📈90 day +3.55%

B2B Index-20.05.11
When wrapping the data for last week, we saw a substantial increase in % change for MRR Loss, up from 1.36% to 9.13%—so we wanted to take a minute to give context on these findings. The increase comes from our control of weekly seasonality, which means every point on the chart reflects the total change over the last seven days. 

For example, the May 7 point includes all changes from April 30 through May 7. We do this so we can virtually ignore the effects of weekends, during which there are minimal signups and churn.

Since there is substantial churn at the beginning of each month, and we include the first day of the month in the next seven days worth of data points, we can come to expect the MRR loss value to change significantly mid-month. 

How are churn and new revenue trending over time?

MRR LOSS +9.13%
MRR Loss-20.05.11

MRR GAIN +2.27% 
MRR Gain-20.05.11
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Now, what's happening in B2B SaaS news?


Marketers: you should be Type C

We’re eyeing Mayur Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer over at Freshly, who took to LinkedIn to post about the archetypes of marketers—and what type you must become to get a "seat at the table." 


For us to snag a seat at the board table, Mayur claims we need to become Type C—a hybrid of the two. And, quite frankly, it’s no longer a choice not to be. 

Here’s where he says the bar is:

    • You must ground the company in a core mission and purpose. 
    • You need to be the strongest advocate for the customer, an orchestrator of the brand, and a flag bearer of the culture, both in and outside. 
    • You need to be someone who can build emotional and functional connection. 
    • You need to know your data and be able to measure its impact. Know the channels, know their thresholds. Understand experiments and set learning agendas. 
    • You need to understand CAC, LTV, retention, and churn rates. 

And the list goes on

So he says it’s time we all laddered up, because the bar is high. 

And we know this to be true, especially in subscription marketing. It’s a different beast than any of its kind, because you’ve cultivated a loyal group of repeat customers, you’re not sending them on their way once a purchase is made. 

We’re facing challenges with things like credit card failures, analytics, and pricing reiterations.

Subscription marketing is constantly evolving, as are the marketing roles within it. A big piece of the puzzle lies in staying in your acuteness to customer behavior and working to acquire and retain valuable customers.

If you check out Mayur’s post, you’ll see extensive replies in the thread. But I want to know what my audience thinks is the next best archetype for marketers. I am in full agreement that we need to be more agile and all-knowing than our previous generation of marketers. But I want to learn from you. Send me your thoughts on this one to abby@recurnow.com or reply directly to Mayur’s post and I'll check it out. 


The everlasting magic of content

A golden rule I stand behind: Nailing it in the B2B content marketing space has everything to do with quality.

And I found a blog post by Tracey Wallace that celebrates just that (and it plays by the rules, because it's one of the best marketing blog posts I’ve seen to date).

The companies that do content right, like Moz for SEO or ConversionXL for conversion rate optimization, Tracey points out, don’t just educate professionals of all ages and skill levels, they also drive a significant increase in sales for the businesses that invest in these blogs. 

And we know a solid content marketing strategy increases sales, brand awareness, and trust for the companies that create it. When comparing overall growth rates between companies deploying a content strategy with those who aren’t, the content companies are seeing roughly 30% higher growth rates than folks not leveraging content marketing.

When you get down to the basics, it’s all psychological, says Tracey. And a lot of it comes down to knowing your customer. 

You should be asking yourself thoughtful questions like:

“When this IT executive drops her kids off at school in the morning and is heading in to work, what is it that she is most worried about –– what is she using this time in the car to try and think through, and solve?” and: “What is the root fear about that problem?”

Then here's your goal: Aim to create content that solves the problem. Content that helps the customer sleep better at night. 

That—will be the winning combination.

If you’re not already in the camp that content marketing has proven its place, we have two episodes of our show the ProfitWell Report that dig into data from thousands of subscription businesses and tens of thousands of subscription consumers—to prove its effectiveness. If you're interested in digging into those, head here and here.


Uncharted & Eclectic

Today in events, I’m taking you back to last week, when our very own Peter Zotto (ProfitWell GM, sneaker fanatic, and monetization master) hung out with Poya Osgouie on his new podcast, Uncharted & Eclectic.

Poya says the goal of Uncharted & Eclectic is to allow a space for some of the most brilliant individuals in the business to tell their stories. He’s found that many of these great people got where they are by diving into the unknowns, or the uncharted. And they often ventured in not-so-conventional, often eclectic, ways.

In this one, Peter chats with Poya about what he’s learned in scaling ProfitWell, why it’s more important than ever to focus on value-selling, and why he’s more Pete Carroll than Bill Belichik when it comes to leadership and management. 

Head here to listen to the pod episode in full.


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