Stop Operating Like it's 4 Weeks Ago

Abby Sullivan Mar 31 2020


The economy may be different today than it was four weeks ago, but does that mean you can’t still 20X your SaaS growth? Let’s start with the right mindset. 




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Ben @ Privy on 20X-ing your growth (in one year)

Our friend, Chief Instigator and expert SaaS Coach, Dan Martell, has a question: If everything in your business fell apart and you had to rebuild from scratch, what would you do?

This question is one that’s always been a possibility, but these days now more than ever—it’s top of mind. And just last week, Dan dropped an interview with Ben Jabbawy, Founder over at Privy— the ecommerce email marketing pros—on just that. 

In 2013, they raised a seed round of $2 million from investors. Two years later, they had just $1,000 left in the bank and were faced with a choice of quitting or pivoting. Fast forward to today, the Privy team is approaching $8 million in ARR, with their software being added to about 10,000 new stores every month. 


What the hell did Privy do so right?

Ben talks through his entire journey here with Dan on Dan’s podcast, Escape Velocity, but here are some highlights he points to in attributing such success:

    • Pay attention to the impact you have on people—not just your metrics. 

    • For Privy, a customer focus ultimately won their war. 

    • Swallow your pride

Ben’s also diving into what that last $1,000 in the bank taught him about successful thinking. Apparently, maintaining the right mindset is what it all came down to. I, personally, could use a lesson in this (especially right now amid insane uncertainty in the market) so I gave this one a close listen, and I advise you to do the same. 


Now's a time to level up

For those looking to educate themselves—while also doing something good for the world—I’m eyeing Drift, the conversational marketing masters, and a deal they’re offering with Drift Insider+. 


Back up. What’s Drift Insider+?

It’s a private learning community for sales and marketing pros. And it’s all about the content. Drift Insider+ is an outlet to access the stuff Drift doesn’t share publicly, like behind the scenes at Drift’s HQ, personally targeted conversations with some of the brightest minds in this bizz, swag, VIP events, and early access to Drift products. 


Why do we care?

Right now, we're all navigating change, and as the Drift team reminds us, “Now more than ever we need to find ways to come together.” 

Now is a time to level up your sales and marketing game, we’re essentially re-creating the B2B playbook, and we need to lean on one another to get there

Besides the fact that we’re big fans of “team Drift,” we spotted this sweet deal (that’s also about giving back). Normally priced at $99/year, right now through April 9 they’re offering 80% off access to Drift Insider+, which means you’re looking at just $20 to get involved, and (even better) all proceeds go to Feeding America, so definitely worth checking out. 

The code to get you the goods: FEEDINGAMERICA20


ProfitWell featured user


Today we feature Loom—the screen and video recording software that offers an effective alternative to getting your professional messages across, from wherever you work. (Which right now is more critical than ever.)

And amid the pandemic, the Loom team is doing something pretty cool: cutting prices, removing limits, and offering Loom Pro free of cost for educators. 

Through the month of June 2020, Loom plans to:

    • Remove the recording limit on its free plan, so what was 25 videos is now unlimited. 

    • Cut the price of Loom Pro in half, from $10 to $5 monthly. 

    • Extend all trials of Loom Pro from 14 to 30 days. 

And if you’re a teacher or a student at a K-12 school, university, or educational institution using Loom for classroom work, you can use Loom Pro for free, forever.

In yesterday’s episode of the show, we touched on the various tiers of subscription companies out there and what they’re likely witnessing amid the COVID-19 crisis. Whether it’s a call to issue bulk credits and adjustments or suspending subscriptions entirely, we have also seen many subscription companies alter their pricing plans where possible. This kind of goodwill does not go unnoticed, and we’re pumped to see the Loom team jumping on board here. 

All the information you need re: Loom's COVID-19 response, linked here

That’s it for your March 31 episode of Recur Now. Thanks for spending a piece of your morning with us. Until tomorrow, folks. 

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