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A Cathartic Conversation

Abby Sullivan Apr 27 2015


Today, we're pushing for discounted plans, adopting more flexible payment terms, and turning your product into a marketing channel. Plus, Jay Acunzo offers no-strings-attached advice to the marketing crowd (every single week).


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Top B2B SaaS news

Pricing, let's talk

Our friend Kyle Poyar, VP of Marketing Strategy over at OpenView—the expansion stage venture capital firm—says it’s time to revisit your pricing. And he’s energized by the chance to turn disruption into opportunity.

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 5.45.27 PM

His latest blog post guides you through innovative pricing plays you can consider implementing right now, as well as high-profile examples of companies giving them a shot. 

“There has never been a better time to test innovative pricing and monetization models to outmaneuver slow or legacy competitors.” 

Some ideas include: introducing promotions to bring on new customers, adding value to existing plans, pushing for discounted or multi-year plans, adopting more flexible payment terms, and turning your product into a marketing channel. 

But you’ll have to check out the list for yourself to see which might be right for you. This is a seriously in- depth piece, and by using examples of companies actually testing these out, like GitHub offering freemium or Toast extending free trials, Kyle gives a well-rounded idea of how these could pan out.


A cathartic conversation with Jay Acunzo

Every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. EST right now, marketing master Jay Acunzo takes to Instagram Live—to offer his candid advice to marketers amid the COVID-19 crisis. 

⭐️ It’s called the 1-Star Club and the premise of the club is “to help inspire makers to keep making, because that's what we do,” he says. 

“Makers make, even through adversity. Getting a 1-star review doesn't mean you STOP writing or podcasting or shooting video or designing your work,” Jay told me. What we’re facing right now is harder to handle than a 1-star review, but Jay knows we need to create now more than ever.

In every episode, Jay starts with a 1-star situation—namely, something hard to handle at work, whether due to the pandemic or not. Jay then proposes a 3-star solution—something good, but that he’s still working through. And finally, he brings on a 5-star guest—a creative practitioner and entrepreneur. The two then deep dive into what Jay calls a “cathartic conversation.”

So far, he’s covered topics ranging from podcasting and writing, to creating when you just aren't feeling it.

And I have to say, I completely commend Jay for offering this—not only as advice for the makers, but as a way to practice what he’s preaching. It’s definitely worth a watch, so keep Tuesdays in mind, and check the next one out.


What's up in events land?

Each Monday moving forward, I’ll kick off the week with a rundown of events you’ll want to get on board with. This week...

Customer Success Leadership
Tuesday, April 28

Patrick hangs out with the ClientSuccess team, as part of a larger series on building and scaling a customer success team. 
Click here for signup details. 

Sailing in Stormy Waters//B2B Monetization for Uncertain Times
Wednesday, April 29

B2B monetization expertise in a time that’s ripe with market uncertainty. This one stars Andy Burden, Co-Founder of Substribe, and Patrick for a live presentation and audience Q&A. 
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Subscription Stimulus Package

Your Subscription Stimulus Package is still thriving and ripe for the taking. It's an initiative we launched with 50+ other names in the space, with room still for more partnerships, to help get our neighbors back on track during a time of uncertainty for so many. 

If you're interested in up to 20% of your MRR in savings, head here.

If you're looking to partner with our crew and offer your own savings initiative, send a note to for more on collaboration. 


Click here for the entire list of partners. 

ProfitWell featured user

Our featured user today is Intercom, masters in messaging. 

Right now, communication is debatably as crucial to business as ever. And Intercom is the customer messaging platform helping you drive that growth through building those relationships. 


Additionally, the team right now is nodding to the heroes putting their lives at risk to support the sick and, essentially, keep the rest of us safe. Thousands of volunteers behind the scenes are building technology to help us through a unique set of challenges, and the Intercom team recognizes that. 

To those leading projects like data aggregation sites, infection tracing tools, gig finders for people out of work, sites helping source protective equipment, and the like, Intercom is offering its platform for free, to help them communicate with those they’re serving and working with, at the great scales and efficiencies required in this crisis.

If you’re running a group like this and would like their help, you can reach out directly.

That’s a wrap on your April 27 Recur Now. Let's make this week a good one.

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By Abby Sullivan

Content Marketer

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