Is the Figma acquisition different?

Since 1982, Adobe has dominated the software market. Responsible for such products like
By Ben Hillman

How Shopify changed commerce

Selling an item is relatively easy. Whether it’s old clothing, a bicycle, or even baked goods,
By Ben Hillman

When Microsoft double-crossed Intuit

Hefty fines and prison time. That’s what’ll happen if you don’t have your books in order. You
By Ben Hillman

Is the future passwordless?

How many passwords do you know off the top of your head? To tell you the truth I couldn’t even
By Ben Hillman

Slack and the war of the words

Does the Slack that sound give you a spike of anxiety? Maybe you fearfully checked your phone or
By Ben Hillman

How Mailchimp fights spam

Spam. We all hate getting it and no one wants to end up sending it. When was the last time you
By Ben Hillman

Is the writing on the wall for DocuSign?

When was the last time you signed a document? I mean like actually signed something with a pen
By Ben Hillman

How Skype blew a 10-year lead to Zoom

Video calls have become an essential component of the workday. You can strike up a conversation
By Ben Hillman
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