What is SaaS Marketing? 5 SaaS Marketing Strategies for Your Business

It’s hard enough to come up with an idea for selling a product when it’s something that everyone
By Patrick Campbell

Hard Lessons from Our First 6 Months Bootstrapping in SaaS

Quick note: This post is a bit different than what we typically write on our blogs. We’re trying
By Patrick Campbell

Customer Success in SaaS: How to Ensure Customers Stay on Board

So you have a great product, but what about the people who use it? I’m talking about your
By Patrick Campbell

Lessons From Sending 5M SaaS Customer Development Surveys

One of the most useful tools in the marketer’s tool kit is the survey. Yet, one of the most
By Patrick Campbell

What is SaaS Sales? Score Customers, Track Metrics, and Understand Your Market

The goal in SaaS sales is not to convince your customer to buy your product there and then—it’s
By Patrick Campbell

Understanding SaaS Sales Tax in the U.S.: Is SaaS Taxable?

Tax laws are complex and, for businesses operating in the United States, every state has their
By Patrick Campbell

Creating Successful SaaS Onboarding: Examples, Metrics, & Checklist

Giving customers all the tools they need to succeed with your software is the best way to ensure
By Patrick Campbell

SaaS Reporting: Why SaaS Reports are Important and the 6 Metrics You'll Need

There is no shortage of companies offering business intelligence for SaaS companies. There is
By Patrick Campbell

B2B and B2C SaaS and Subscription COVID-19 Impact Report—Updated Weekly

We are living in unprecedented times. Advice is coming from every direction and it's difficult
By Patrick Campbell

Benefits of SaaS: Should You Choose a SaaS Business Model?

The SaaS model continues to gain traction. It seems as though more and more companies are
By Patrick Campbell
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