The 3 Best Customer Retention Software Tools

Customer retention can hold more weight than acquisition. It’s the leading indicator of your
By Patrick Campbell

Why Customer Loyalty is the Crux of Subscription Businesses (And How You Can Improve It)

cuCustomer loyalty is the essence of subscription businesses and a key lever of growth. Now more
By Patrick Campbell

Customer Retention Strategies for Turbulent Times

Customer retention is more important than ever during these uncertain times. Businesses that are
By Anita Toth — Guest Author

Brand Affinity: Why Shows are the Future of Marketing

It seems as though everyone is talking about marketing, creating more content, and building a
By Grace Gagnon

Why Subscription Businesses Need a Customer Success Team + How to Build One

Your customers pay you to help them solve very specific problems. If they are not successful in
By Patrick Campbell

How to construct a customer success strategy with clearly-defined personas, customer journeys, and success metrics

The subscription universe is built on relationships. When your customers are happy, they stick
By Patrick Campbell

Customer Expectations at All-time Highs: How Companies Can Keep Up

It was less than two years ago when Sarah experienced the frustrating and draining challenge of
By Anita Toth — Guest Author

Fixing the Empathy Gap With UserTesting's CMO, Michelle Huff

Walt Disney loved sitting in the parks and watching customers experience Disney. He noticed
By Grace Gagnon

6 SaaS Retention Strategies to Maximize Growth

Remember the old video game SkiFree? The idea was to ski down the hill as far as possible,
By Patrick Campbell

Track These 7 Customer Success KPIs to Maximize Value for your Customers

Analytics tracking is often discussed in terms of marketing, but they are just as important at
By Patrick Campbell
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