Improve Renewal Rate to Reduce Churn + How to Calculate Saas Renewal Rate

I love reading stories of SaaS companies that truly get it when it comes to renewal rates.
By Patrick Campbell

CS 20/20: How to Push the Boundaries of Customer Success with Product-led Retention

Customer success is the third-fastest growing profession in the world. The reason why should be
By Grace Gagnon

4 White Label SaaS Products & Software: How To Stay In The Game

White-labeling services for SaaS products have become very popular over the past decade. When
By Patrick Campbell

Top 16 SaaS Tools and Products to Help Your Subscription Business

Your subscription company should run like a well-oiled machine. Taking advantage of SaaS tools
By Patrick Campbell

Why Every SaaS Company Needs an Annual Plan

Are you offering annual billing on your pricing page? 
By Andrew Tate

How to Switch to a Freemium Pricing Model & Grow Your Business

Often times, when marketers think about growth, the first strategy to come to mind is finding
By Patrick Campbell

The Difference Between SaaS Metrics & GAAP Accounting Metrics

You’ve just landed a customer who has signed a $20,000 contract for the next year — $10,000 now,
By Patrick Campbell

Choosing the right subscription management system could save you time, money, and customers

Running a subscription business is a lot of work. Every month you need to make sure recurring
By Patrick Campbell

Product Launch Strategy: How to Launch a New Product in 5 Steps

For most companies, product and feature launches are always top of mind because of the potential
By Patrick Campbell

ProfitWell Engagement: Free Product Usage Analytics

As to not bury the lede, today we're excited to take our mission to help you grow your
By Neel Desai
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