What is Daily Active Users? How to Increase your DAU and Minimize Churn

Daily active users is a key metric you should follow when you’re in the subscription business.
By Patrick Campbell

Fixing the Empathy Gap With UserTesting's CMO, Michelle Huff

Walt Disney loved sitting in the parks and watching customers experience Disney. He noticed
By Grace Gagnon

Understanding B2B Sales: Tips and Strategies for Successful B2B Selling

Think of your sales team as your hunters. They provide for your business through acquisition of
By Patrick Campbell

4 Most Common Product Pricing Methods + Pros/Cons of Each Method

Talking about the different pricing methods, for me, is equivalent to a kid in a candy store. Of
By Patrick Campbell

6 SaaS Retention Strategies to Maximize Growth

Remember the old video game SkiFree? The idea was to ski down the hill as far as possible,
By Patrick Campbell

SaaS Financial Audit: How to Prepare and Properly Structure an Audit with ProfitWell

Financial audits almost always prove hectic for any company. Mistakes or inconsistencies can
By Patrick Campbell

Track These 7 Customer Success KPIs to Maximize Value for your Customers

Analytics tracking is often discussed in terms of marketing, but they are just as important at
By Patrick Campbell

Guide to revenue run rate: Definition, calculation, benefits & drawbacks

Also known as the annual run rate, the revenue run rate is a financial performance indicator
By Patrick Campbell

Price Optimization Strategy & Tips To Choose The Best Software

Some get close, guided by their competitors’ prices (which were likely pulled from their own
By Patrick Campbell
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