Benefits of SaaS: Should You Choose a SaaS Business Model?

The SaaS model continues to gain traction. It seems as though more and more companies are
By Patrick Campbell

What are Monthly Active Users + How to Calculate it

Many people swear by monthly active users (MAU) as a metric to measure the health of your
By Patrick Campbell

The 5 Unique Challenges of Financing Subscription Companies

Subscription businesses face a variety of challenges unique to their specific model. These
By Patrick Campbell

What is Revenue Operations & Why RevOps is Crucial for Subscription Businesses

We’ve been talking a lot about revenue operations here at ProfitWell. We even released a whole
By Patrick Campbell

Velocity Pricing: Definition & Whether or Not it's a Winning Strategy

The pricing strategy that you choose plays an important role in determining how profitable your
By Patrick Campbell

Customer Expectations at All-time Highs: How Companies Can Keep Up

It was less than two years ago when Sarah experienced the frustrating and draining challenge of
By Anita Toth — Guest Author

SaaS Knowledge Bases: Not an Option, A Requirement for Saas

Customers are most satisfied with a product when they can find the information they need quickly
By Patrick Campbell

Here's How Content Slows your Churn

Businesses track dozens—sometimes even hundreds—of different metrics to determine what marketing
By Anna Crowe - Guest Author

How to Become a Truly Product-led Company: Insight from Hubspot's SVP

Fact: consumers would rather try a product than converse with a salesperson. This means your
By Grace Gagnon

4 Best SaaS Analytics Tools, Tips & Metrics To Build A Better Business

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to ensuring your subscription business stays
By Patrick Campbell
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