B2B Lead Generation Guide: Channels and Strategies

It’s not enough to reach people with your marketing. You need a strategy for
By Patrick Campbell

Subscription Tools for SaaS Businesses: How to Choose & 10 Great Options

The subscription-based economy boom has brought with it more competition than ever before,
By Patrick Campbell

What is Annual Contract Value & How To Calculate ACV

The SaaS four-letter acronym tends to be awash in three-letter initialisms: LTV, CAC, MRR,
By Patrick Campbell

Drift CEO David Cancel on Building a Frictionless Economy Leveraging AI

It’s the year 1990. Picture a young David Cancel (CEO/Founder of Drift) in Queens, New York. LL
By Grace Gagnon

How to construct a customer success strategy with clearly-defined personas, customer journeys, and success metrics

The subscription universe is built on relationships. When your customers are happy, they stick
By Patrick Campbell

Measure Performance and Accelerate Growth With These 4 Metrics

Dan Martell started his first tech company at age 17. It failed. At age 19, he started hosting a
By Grace Gagnon

B2B and B2C SaaS and Subscription COVID-19 Impact Report—Updated Weekly

We are living in unprecedented times. Advice is coming from every direction and it's difficult
By Patrick Campbell

Benefits of SaaS: Should You Choose a SaaS Business Model?

The SaaS model continues to gain traction. It seems as though more and more companies are
By Patrick Campbell

What are Monthly Active Users + How to Calculate it

Many people swear by monthly active users (MAU) as a metric to measure the health of your
By Patrick Campbell

The 5 Unique Challenges of Financing Subscription Companies

Subscription businesses face a variety of challenges unique to their specific model. These
By Patrick Campbell
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