Brand Affinity: Why Shows are the Future of Marketing

It seems as though everyone is talking about marketing, creating more content, and building a
By Grace Gagnon

Competitor-based Pricing Guide: Advantages & Disadvantages of Competition-based Pricing

A strong competitor-based pricing strategy is built on research. When you understand how the top
By Patrick Campbell

Recharge Proves the Power of Remote Work

Remote work is a polarizing topic of conversation. Some people love it, while others are
By Grace Gagnon

Optional Product Pricing Definition & Whether (or Not) It’s a Worthwhile Strategy

Finding the best pricing model for your product means knowing which pricing strategies are out
By Patrick Campbell

Complete Guide to Premium Pricing

So, you’re setting out with your company’s first product offering. The SaaS field is intensely
By Patrick Campbell

What Is A Flat Rate Pricing Model? Pros & Cons Explained

These days, every time you look at a pricing page, it seems there are three to five options
By Patrick Campbell

Software Subscription vs License: Why the Subscription Model is Better Than Perpetual Licensing

Many companies are now switching from a perpetual licensing model to subscription-based
By Patrick Campbell

Complete Experts Guide on Building a Subscription Business

From the rise of SaaS to the sudden glut of subscription boxes, the subscription business model
By Patrick Campbell

Complete Guide to Captive Product Pricing

Let’s say you’re a fan of video games, and you just bought the latest Xbox. 
By Patrick Campbell

Complete Guide to Penetration Pricing Strategy

Entering into a market is no easy task, especially when there’s an established brand whose name
By Patrick Campbell
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