The 3 Best Customer Retention Software Tools

Customer retention can hold more weight than acquisition. It’s the leading indicator of your
By Patrick Campbell

How To Use Price Bundling To Optimize Pricing and Boost Sales

Think back to the last time you had fast food or purchased a new phone. You likely didn’t just
By Patrick Campbell

Subscription Fatigue: What it is, and What Subscription Businesses can do about it

If you take a moment to think about it, can you confidently tell somebody how many subscription
By Patrick Campbell

What is Recurring Billing and Who Does it Benefit

From CRM software to coffee beans, shaving blades to designer gowns, recurring billing is the
By Patrick Campbell

SaaS Reporting: Why SaaS Reports are Important and the 6 Metrics You'll Need

There is no shortage of companies offering business intelligence for SaaS companies. There is
By Patrick Campbell

6 Most Popular Subscription Services [+Tools They Use to Drive Growth]

 The subscription model is booming.Almost everything is sold as a subscription, from socks,razor
By Patrick Campbell

Why Customer Loyalty is the Crux of Subscription Businesses (And How You Can Improve It)

cuCustomer loyalty is the essence of subscription businesses and a key lever of growth. Now more
By Patrick Campbell

The 4 Types of Content Your Subscription-Based Business Needs for Better Leads

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any company. It’s especially important for
By Hailey Friedman - Guest Author

Customer Retention Strategies for Turbulent Times

Customer retention is more important than ever during these uncertain times. Businesses that are
By Anita Toth — Guest Author

Cost-Plus Pricing Strategy & SaaS: The Pros, Cons & Why Not?

The cost-plus pricing model is a tried-and-true strategy for many industries—primarily due to
By Patrick Campbell
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