What is ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)? How to Calculate and Optimize ARR

Your monthly or annual recurring revenue (MRR and ARR for short) is one of the primary reasons
By Jordan T. McBride

Subscription Revenue Model: How Subscriptions Makes Money & Why Subscription-Based Revenue Works

The subscription revenue model is hardly new. It’s been a staple of industries—publications,
By Patrick Campbell

Scale Your Marketing Team Without Wreaking Havoc On Your CAC

Once you've reached around $1 MM in ARR and want to accelerate your growth, you need to think
By Patrick Campbell

What Is Product-led Growth? A Fantastic Strategy Built For Consumers And Companies

The way in which people buy and use software is drastically changing. Consumers are more eager
By Patrick Campbell

What Is Revenue Growth and How to Calculate It

Revenue growth might well be the king of all SaaS metric monsters, the Godzilla of the balance
By Patrick Campbell

Saas Pricing Models, Strategies, and Examples of Success

Every SaaS company might be different—but almost every single one makes the same mistake that
By Patrick Campbell

Product Line Pricing Examples, Definitions, and Strategies

Here’s a question that stumps too many young SaaS companies: what’s your pricing strategy?
By Patrick Campbell

Last Call: Here's Who You'll Meet at Recur

Subscriptions are all about relationships. For the first time in the history of business, the
By Abagail Sullivan

Why Subscription Economy Growth Is About People, Not Products

Over her more than twenty-year career, Amy Konary has become an expert within the SaaS
By Patrick Campbell

How Close.io's Steli Efti Designs His Sales Funnels for Efficiency

Steli Efti, CEO and Co-founder of sales CRM Close.io, knows how to get an audience pumped! At
By Patrick Campbell
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