What is Pricing Power and How Does Price Power Affect Business Success?

Deciding when to adjust your pricing is never easy. There is a lot riding on your ability to
By Patrick Campbell

Dan Wolchonok on Running Retention Experiments

Note: Dan Wolchonok of Hubspot presented the following framework during his talk at SaaSFest
By Jordan T. McBride

Price Localization Guide: A Simple Way to Boost Growth & Revenue

In a recent conversation with one of my thunder buddies in life, Paul Farnell (CEO of Boston’s
By Patrick Campbell

Pricing Structure Tips, Definition, and Examples in 2019

If you know anything about us here at ProfitWell, it’s that we’re pretty keen on pricing. We’re
By Patrick Campbell

Pricing Analytics: Definition, Metrics, and Why You Need It

Every successful software business I’ve come across has a stronghold on two things: who their
By Patrick Campbell

How To Build A B2B Marketing Strategy That Works

As a B2B marketer, you’re no stranger to the often overwhelming count of tasks on your plate.
By Patrick Campbell

Revenue Models: 11 Types & How To Pick The Right One?

One of the most famous lines from Citizen Kane is, “It's no trick to make an awful lot of money,
By Patrick Campbell

Everything You Need to Know About Buyer Personas

Table of Contents: 1. What are buyer personas? 2. How do you determine buyer personas? 3. Why
By Patrick Campbell

How to Double Your Trial to Paid Conversion Rate With Onboarding

At this past SaaSFest, Drip’s Founder and CEO, Rob Walling, went through a deep analysis and
By Patrick Campbell

Lessons From Sending 5M SaaS Customer Development Surveys

One of the most useful tools in the marketer’s tool kit is the survey. Yet, one of the most
By Patrick Campbell
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