Your Largest Bucket of Churn (And How to Prevent it)

As a good SaaS founder or executive, you know that high churn will decimate your growth, and
By Patrick Campbell

Why Analytics Are Your Best Friend in The Fight Against Churn

When you're looking to boost retention, your churned customers should always be your first port
By Patrick Campbell

The Best Time to Figure Out Product-Market Fit

Once you've acquired your first hundred customers, it’s easy to forget how little you know about
By Patrick Campbell

ProfitWell Segment: Subscription Analytics Uncover Growth Sources

We're on a mission to help subscription companies grow, and we're excited to build on that today
By Neel Desai

SaaS Business Model: Stages, Pros & Cons + Essential Tools to Get Ahead

Ever since John Koenig first coined the term “SaaS” back in 2005, the software-as-a-service
By Patrick Campbell

How B2B And B2C Companies Solve Churn Differently

Every single founder has had nightmares about high user churn. Whether a company sells to
By Patrick Campbell

The Best Pricing Page Examples: What Makes Customers Want to Buy?

“Close enough” is sufficient only in horseshoes and hand grenades; your pricing page is no
By Patrick Campbell

The Most Important Subscription KPIs to Pay Attention to for Growth

The health of your SaaS business is entirely in the data, and a lot of SaaS professionals tend
By Patrick Campbell

3 Nefarious Tactics SaaS Companies are Using to Reduce Churn

Churn is the most painful element of the SaaS game. All of that effort and investment put into
By Patrick Campbell
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