Recurring Revenue: Models, Metrics and More on Subscription-Based Revenue

Recurring revenue is the lifeblood of subscription companies, and for good reason. First, it
By Patrick Campbell

What is ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)? How to Calculate and Optimize ARR

Your monthly or annual recurring revenue (MRR and ARR for short) is one of the primary reasons
By Jordan T. McBride

Subscription Revenue Model: How Subscriptions Makes Money & Why Subscription-Based Revenue Works

The subscription revenue model is hardly new. It’s been a staple of industries—publications,
By Patrick Campbell

What Is Revenue Growth and How to Calculate It

Revenue growth might well be the king of all SaaS metric monsters, the Godzilla of the balance
By Patrick Campbell

What is MRR? Calculate, Optimize & Increase Your Monthly Recurring Revenue

Your SaaS business lives and dies by consistent subscription revenue. To measure that growth or
By Tucker Allard

What is Recurring Billing and Who Does it Benefit

From CRM software to coffee beans, shaving blades to designer gowns, recurring billing is the
By Patrick Campbell
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