Powering the curious with Leela Srinivasan of SurveyMonkey

From soccer moms polling tee shirt sizes to the biggest questions an organization must address,
By Patrick Campbell

Rand Fishkin on how early-stage failure led to future success

Founding a company is hard. Growing and running a growth stage company is hard. Even working at
By Patrick Campbell

Nick Mehta on Orchestrating Harmonious Customer Success

Defining "customer success" can feel a bit arbitrary at times. When it comes to customer
By Patrick Campbell

Diversity in Tech: A Guide to Trying Harder

Diversity is a pretty sensitive topic that we shy away from tackling. In fact, 11 people (mostly
By Patrick Campbell

Building a Brand with Mike Troiano of Actifio

Brand is much more than a name. Brand is the sum total of an individual's experience with your
By Patrick Campbell

Protect the Hustle: Season 2

What is hustle? The word hustle dates back to the 1680s from the Dutch word “hutselen”, which
By Patrick Campbell

Wistia's Brendan Schwartz on Building with Grit and Gut

Working really hard is great, but if you don't have conviction - then a lot of that hard work
By Patrick Campbell

Hardship, Cancer, and the Operational Struggle

Building a company takes an extraordinary amount of grit, because you're literally willing
By Patrick Campbell

Building a multi-product unicorn from Chennai with Freshworks' CEO

Data shows the future is multi-product for growth and success. Yet, you need to make sure those
By Patrick Campbell

Netflix's Patty McCord: A Great Place to be from - Protect the Hustle

Company culture means a lot of things to a lot of different people, not because culture has a
By Patrick Campbell

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