Wes Bush on product-led growth

I get high all the time. No, not from any substances. I’ve actually never done any drugs, which
By Patrick Campbell

Dave Rogenmoser on the impact of personalization

"Is Pepsi okay?" I don’t know if there’s anything more offensive than a waiter or waitress
By Patrick Campbell

Trainual's Chris Ronzio on creating effective training

No one is born an expert. No one rides a bike perfectly the first time. No one cooks eggs
By Patrick Campbell

Julie Hogan's services third eye

Small gestures have an incredible amount of power. For me, it goes one of two ways: If I get cut
By Patrick Campbell

Dimitar Stanimiroff on the efficiency of an agile sales team

I’m going to be a perfect parent. I'm calling my shot right now. I mean I already know what it's
By Patrick Campbell

Expensify's David Barrett | Unconventional process

One size fits all. At least that's what mass commercialization after the 1950s wanted us to
By Patrick Campbell

Feedback at the core with ClickUp's Zeb Evans

Have you ever been to the orchestra? It’s a wonderful experience that folks from all creeds and
By Patrick Campbell

A partnership destined to happen | Christian Owens

Hey, everyone. It's been a bit. And some of you may know we were acquired by a company called
By Patrick Campbell

What a PE firm would do if they bought your company

One of the dumbest ways to describe an executive is “fearless.”
By Patrick Campbell

ChurnZero's You Mon Tsang on the link between onboarding & lower churn

I could never be with someone who doesn’t like dogs. Huge. Red. Flag. While you may differ, and
By Patrick Campbell

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