Paul Lynch on the importance of knowing your value

What were the names of the astronauts who landed on the moon in Apollo 12? Don’t look it up on
By Patrick Campbell

Leela Srinivasan | Operating in the feedback economy

One plus one is two. Do you remember when you learned that? You probably don’t, but these most
By Patrick Campbell

Paddle’s Christian Owens and Harrison Rose on problem solving & growth

Human beings can survive quite a long time without food. For most of us it’s eight to 21 days,
By Patrick Campbell

Agorapulse’s Emeric Ernoult and their bootstrapping journey

How long would it take you to dig a 10-foot hole? You can use whatever tools at your disposal.
By Patrick Campbell

Norwest's Scott Beechuk on the fundamental role of customer success

Thanks for listening/reading. A huge shoutout to Scott Beechuk for doing this podcast… wait a
By Patrick Campbell

Drift's David Cancel on achieving hypergrowth

Bikes give me anxiety. I mean I’m not scared of them, but after cycling a ton as a kid to get
By Patrick Campbell

Andela's Jeremy Johnson on the value of distributed teams

Bowling and I don’t have a good relationship. I’m terrible and while you may not care, bowling’s
By Patrick Campbell

Kissflow's Suresh Sambandam on the importance of great talent

Big countries like the United States are an amalgamation of many cultures. If you’ve been to
By Patrick Campbell

Byron Deeter on efficient growth

Building is one of the great joys in life. The sounds of puzzle pieces coming together. The mind
By Patrick Campbell

Predictable Revenue's Aaron Ross, on a better way to sell

Mistakes are tough. No matter what someone tells you about learning from your mistakes, and
By Patrick Campbell

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