How To Use Price Bundling To Optimize Pricing and Boost Sales

Think back to the last time you had fast food or purchased a new phone. You likely didn’t just
By Patrick Campbell

Cost-Plus Pricing Strategy & SaaS: The Pros, Cons & Why Not?

The cost-plus pricing model is a tried-and-true strategy for many industries—primarily due to
By Patrick Campbell

Competitor-based Pricing Guide: Advantages & Disadvantages of Competition-based Pricing

A strong competitor-based pricing strategy is built on research. When you understand how the top
By Patrick Campbell

Optional Product Pricing Definition & Whether (or Not) It’s a Worthwhile Strategy

Finding the best pricing model for your product means knowing which pricing strategies are out
By Patrick Campbell

What is Premium Pricing Strategy & Is It The Best Choice for SaaS

So, you’re setting out with your company’s first product offering. The SaaS field is intensely
By Patrick Campbell

What Is A Flat Rate Pricing Model? Pros & Cons Explained

These days, every time you look at a pricing page, it seems there are three to five options
By Patrick Campbell

Complete Guide to Captive Product Pricing

Let’s say you’re a fan of video games, and you just bought the latest Xbox.
By Patrick Campbell

Complete Guide to Penetration Pricing Strategy

Entering into a market is no easy task, especially when there’s an established brand whose name
By Patrick Campbell

Velocity Pricing: Definition & Whether or Not it's a Winning Strategy

The pricing strategy that you choose plays an important role in determining how profitable your
By Patrick Campbell

4 Most Common Product Pricing Methods + Pros/Cons of Each Method

Talking about the different pricing methods, for me, is equivalent to a kid in a candy store. Of
By Patrick Campbell
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