How Freemium Drives MRR for Trello, Slack, Wordpress, Dropbox

You've just built the most earth-shattering product ever invented. But you're not too sure how
By Patrick Campbell

What is a Pricing Audit? How Pricing Audits Increase Profitability

Let’s say you workout everyday. You take pride in your routine—two days a week on leg training,
By Patrick Campbell

Pricing Analysts: What They Do & Why They're So Important for Business

The subscription model is booming—meaning more and more companies are acquiring the model—giving
By Patrick Campbell

How to Switch to a Freemium Pricing Model & Grow Your Business

Often times, when marketers think about growth, the first strategy to come to mind is finding
By Patrick Campbell

Pricing Matrix Examples and Tips on Creating a Great Subscription Price Matrix

tAh, pricing—the core of your business. Your pricing page is where the magic happens. It’s where
By Patrick Campbell

The Best Pricing Page Examples: What Makes Customers Want to Buy?

“Close enough” is sufficient only in horseshoes and hand grenades; your pricing page is no
By Patrick Campbell

Effective Pricing Strategies for Subscriptions: Value-Based Price Optimization

There’s a question that every startup founder, subscription service provider, and ecommerce
By Patrick Campbell

Scaled Pricing for Subscriptions: Do Price Scales Work for Your Company?

It’s time to throw the age-old theory of “one product, one price” out the window.
By Patrick Campbell

Why a Value Based Pricing Strategy Works Best for SaaS

Every business that sells some type of product or service has a pricing method. Pricing methods
By Patrick Campbell

The Birth of Freemium

Pricing models never made headlines until freemium came along. Praised as the fuel for rapid
By Patrick Campbell
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