Mailchimp Pricing: Does Mailchimp’s Price Strategy Make Sense?

Today, we're exploring the pricing strategy that has propelled MailChimp to success, including
By Patrick Campbell

LinkedIn Pricing Page Teardown: Is LinkedIn Premium Pricing Worth It?

Once more of the the outcast of the social network community compared to its more news making
By Patrick Campbell

Tearing Down Github's Pricing

Social coding gives developers a better way to work together and collaborative code service
By Patrick Campbell

Tearing Down the Pricing of Zoom and GoToMeeting

Founded almost fifteen years ago in 2004, GoToMeeting, now a product of LogMeIn, is one of the
By Patrick Campbell

Tearing Down the Domo Pricing Page

One of a handful of so-called “insta-unicorns,” Domo—the Utah-based business intelligence
By Patrick Campbell

Tearing down the Pricing of Squarespace and Wix

If you want to build a SaaS product, you've got to build a SaaS website.
By Patrick Campbell

Tearing Down the Pricing of the New York Times

The Gray Lady put up her paywall in 2011. By 2017, subscription revenue topped $1 billion, with
By Patrick Campbell

Head to Head: Tearing Down DocuSign's and PandaDoc's Pricing

No one prints and signs documents anymore. In this episode of Pricing Page Teardown, we are
By Patrick Campbell

Rent the Runway Price Page Teardown: Is Rent the Runway Profitable?

If you want to see a company that understands how the subscription model works, look no further
By Patrick Campbell

Slack’s Pricing Page Teardown: Slack Free vs Paid Plans

Slack: Where work happens.
By Patrick Campbell

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