LOLA: Can they retain a lifelong brand?

Today, LOLA's in our spotlight, a company that's taken on the multi-billion dollar feminine
By John Arcanti

SmartyPants: Is their retention nutritious enough?

  Today we're talking about SmartyPants Vitamins, a company that's taken on the multi-billion
By John Arcanti

Billie: A close shave in retention

Introducing Boxed Out, a show where we buy from DTC's hottest subscription brands to discover
By John Arcanti

Complete Guide to the Direct to Consumer Business Model vs Traditional Retail

With COVID-19 forcing physical stores to close, the need for online retail has never been more
By Patrick Campbell

Solving for Direct-to-Consumer Growth in 2020 + Brands & Market Statistics

In recent years, primarily due to the internet, there has been a significant shift in how
By Patrick Campbell

Data, Launches, Noods, and More

Someone from the ProfitWell crew sent the entire team a link to purchase luxury cucumbers. The
By Grace Gagnon

Beyond a Black Square and a Hashtag

We're switching things up this week. Don't worry—we still got your data and all the extras you
By Grace Gagnon

Judge a Book by Its Cover

I finally caved and cut my own hair. If you're itching for a haircut, we have something for you
By Grace Gagnon

A Beautiful Day to Grow

We missed you last week. We took some time to adjust the numbers in our DTC index. We'll
By Grace Gagnon

Every Growth has Its Thorn

Today, overall direct-to-consumer growth continues looking good, but alas, every growth has its
By Grace Gagnon
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