Why Analytics Are Your Best Friend in The Fight Against Churn

When you're looking to boost retention, your churned customers should always be your first port
By Patrick Campbell

How B2B And B2C Companies Solve Churn Differently

Every single founder has had nightmares about high user churn. Whether a company sells to
By Patrick Campbell

Customer Churn Analysis: One of SaaS’s Most Important Processes

There’s no more vital metric for a SaaS company to keep track of than churn: the rate at which
By Patrick Campbell

3 Nefarious Tactics SaaS Companies are Using to Reduce Churn

Churn is the most painful element of the SaaS game. All of that effort and investment put into
By Patrick Campbell

MRR Churn: Calculating and Reducing MRR Churn Rate for SaaS

The biggest threat to your SaaS business’ success? Churn.
By Patrick Campbell

Churn Management Strategies to Stay on Top of Customer Churn

Most SaaS companies approach churn management all wrong.
By Patrick Campbell

What is a Good SaaS Churn Rate & Average Churn Rates by Industry

It’s the question on every SaaS founder’s lips: Is my churn rate too high?
By Patrick Campbell

Why a Customer Churn Model for Prediction is Challenging, But Worth it

Churn (aka customer attrition) is a scourge on subscription businesses. When your revenue is
By Patrick Campbell

Here's How Content Slows your Churn

Businesses track dozens—sometimes even hundreds—of different metrics to determine what marketing
By Anna Crowe - Guest Author
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