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Getting Down On Upsells

Abby Sullivan Apr 8 2020


Today, we get down on upsells with CartHook CEO Jordan Gal. Plus, Zuora’s Subscribed Strategy Group is here to help your company thrive—through experience and data.



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A CartHook x ProfitWell PSA

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it: During a time of crisis and uncertainty, we need to help each other out.

So we're joining forces with CartHook's CEO Jordan Gal to get down on subscription upsells, in a postponed webinar from April 2.


But why else would you want to listen to us when it comes to upgrades and subscriptions?

Because we've collected the largest churn dataset in the world, and we've found some intel that's troublesome. Alongside CartHook, the leaders in post-purchase upsells and funnels for subscription companies, we're sharing those insights on where and why subscription ecommerce companies are failing at efficiently moving consumers into subscription plans.


Here's what's going down:

    • We'll take a look at benchmarks on subscription retention and revenue, analyzing a framework for understanding your upgrade paths and checkout funnels.
    • Patrick and Jordan will reveal simple tweaks to start boosting your subscription revenue, stat.
    • We’ll also look at the retention mistakes we see far too often, and how you can better thwart those. 

There'll be plenty of time for Q&A, as always. But space is limited, so we’re giving you the heads up now. Here's a link to sign up and full details, but clear your schedules for tomorrow afternoon, April 9 at 2 p.m. EST. 


Zuora (& the SSG) to the rescue

Companies around the world are now waking up to the resiliency of the subscription model to weather economic uncertainty. Now more than ever, companies need to shift to subscriptions to thrive.” - Amy Konary, VP of Business Innovation and Chair of the Subscribed Institute at Zuora

It’s no secret we’re big Zuora fans—considering our Zuora analytics integration—so we’re also digging the Subscribed Strategy Group (the SSG), an initiative created by the Zuora team to work directly with individual companies to help them apply learnings from the Subscribed Institute (another Zuora venture) and its research. 

Ultimately, the SSG works one on one with execs from Zuora’s customer orgs to chart a strategic path toward subscription success—by identifying and removing business obstacles, building internal alignment, and establishing success routes. 

Because of where we are all at in this economic frenzy, we found it a good time to highlight three ways in which the SSG can help you right now.

Nailing down strategy

It's time to address questions like: What is the customer outcome your subscription model enables? How does a relationship with your company deliver ongoing value, personalized experiences, and anytime/anywhere access? The SSG helps companies hone in on those core objectives.

Establishing a new process

Running a subscription business requires reinvention, forgoing old ways and bringing in new processes to foster your business. But the Zuora team knows a big challenge here lies in designing and embracing those processes, so the SSG aids in agility to get there, focusing on roles and functions that most require change.  

Embedding a customer-centric culture

There’s no doubt you’ll need to establish a relationship-centric culture—collaborating across silos, sharing information, and being willing to put the customer at the center of everything. 

Ultimately, the SSG is about data and experience. It’s about Zuora’s extensive expertise being shared with those who need it most. 

If you’re intrigued, and if you need help (it’s okay to admit, we’re all navigating this together), you can head here for more information on the SSG—or reach out directly to

ProfitWell featured user

Today, we're looking to StealthSeminar as our featured user—because there’s no time like the present (or a pandemic) to get really damn good at virtual communication. 

StealthSeminar is the webinar platform that “autopilots your efforts.” With the software, you can run pre-recorded webinars (as if they’re live) to better leverage time, avoid tech failures, and remove presentation nerves. 

We’ve touched on this in the show before, but it’s super important right now to double down on your marketing efforts and deliver actionable insight to your users (and your potential users). Utilizing a platform like StealthSeminar can help you master this. And get content in front of the eyeballs you need to generate leads and sales, optimize results, and build authority and brand loyalty.

Linked here, access to 30 days free of StealthSeminar so you can start pumping out content, stat. 

Be sure to let me know how it goes. 

That’s a wrap on your April 8 episode of Recur Now. More info. on tap for tomorrow.

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By Abby Sullivan

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