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Abby Sullivan Feb 10 2020

Today, we're listening to an episode of The Growth Hub podcast that’s near and dear to our hearts—on redefining content in the age of growth. And finally, tips for those looking to dip into the subscription ecommerce space.






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Redefining content in an age of growth

A question we hear time and time again: What is the role of content in growth?

Except this time around, Sonja Jacob is answering the ask. She’s Content Marketing Lead over at AppDynamics, a platform that connects application performance and customer experience to business outcomes. She has SaaS experience that spans the board—from HubSpot and KISSmetrics to DocSend and Drift—and over 10 years of experience in creating content strategies that drive results.

So we’re especially digging this episode of The Growth Hub podcast, starring Sonja herself. In it, she hits on the evolution of content over the last decade in B2B SaaS, how to create that coveted growth-centered content strategy, and how to align content with business goals and actually measure the ROI of it. Needless to say, our ears were perked.

Here’s a segment of the interview to get yours just the same.

"There's pre-sales content and then there's post-sales content. Pre-sales content, you're interested in your prospect, right? They are a bigger unknown. But post-sales, you're talking about your customer here. And certainly, one can feed into the other. But if you want to know more about your customer I think the best place to go, is by talking to your customer success managers or anyone sort of in a related function. 

Because they're talking to customers on a daily basis and you can kind of get data about what content is needed post-sales by simply talking to CSMs. I think the other component that's really, really helpful in learning more about your customers, certainly is interviewing them... That's actually a really useful part of customer research that you can do, and that helps you think about what problems (your prospects, for sure, but) your customers are solving right away."

Because if you’ve ever doubted the power of content, now’s your time to convert those beliefs.

And you know we’re in the same exact boat. Why else would we start an entire network dedicated to the subscription space? :)

Later in this episode, we’ll divulge data from over 10,000 different blogs as well and nearly 1,000 different subscription companies to prove that content marketing is here to stay.


Let's start an ecommerce subscription

“Jumping into a crowded space might seem overwhelming,” writes Raj Jana, Founder of JavaPresse Coffee Co. But “It doesn’t have to be."

And since ecommerce subscription services are rapidly rising, it’s time to hop on board. Here, Raj is giving us three solid tips to start:

Create your audience around a successful product with unique offerings.

Get clarity on what other products consumers use or want while they are using yours. The benefits of completing exhaustive research around your customer base is that it creates “the psychological makeup of [your] ideal customers,” says Raj.

Research your competitors.

This one’s a cautionary tale, though. You never want to do anything that sacrifices product quality, and we’ve uncovered data in the past that suggests companies who are focused on competition presumably are good at lowering their CAC, but not so great at defending their NPS. You must be able to focus on competition in the right places and ignore the competition in the other places.

Raj suggests spending intentional time listening to podcasts, reading books, and delving into what made your competitors successful. Foster competitive offerings and don’t make the same mistakes they did. 

Discover what it is that attracts consumers to your product.

Focus on the customer experience to ultimately create that experience that brings them back for seconds. Raj says he focused on four areas to perfect the ultimate customer experience: the unboxing experience, post-purchase emails, over-the-top-customer service, and easy-to-understand product support.

Consider these for yourself. And good luck out there. 


Is content marketing dead? 

Here's your answer.



That’s it for your February 10 episode of Recur Now. Catch you back here tomorrow.

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By Abby Sullivan

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