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Subscription60: Friday, March 1st

Abby Sullivan Mar 1 2019

Good day, my people. It is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day, as well as Fruit Compote Day (which is really just a swanky jam) so it’s feeling like a Friday of true harmony. Join me in commemorating the PB and the J - supplemented by the subscription news and recurring revenue resources you can’t go on without.

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The Rundown
In resources...

A Kanye Subscription We know Kanye West’s presence is far from subtle, but we wonder if a Ye subscription could amp him up to total takeover status. Today’s Pricing Page Teardown takes a look at what a Kanye subscription would entail, and builds the framework for how you too could leverage your own personal brand subscription.

"Kanye West... The one thing he doesn't have? A subscription service that could offer his fans all things Kanye, straight from Yeezy himself."

Be a Square The key to a killer social media strategy is having standout content that still flows naturally within the feed. We already know square video gets significant more engagement than landscape (80 to 100 percent more, in fact). But what about square vs. the classic vertical? Buffer spent $6,000 in research to find out for you. 

"As mobile usage continues to increase year-over-year, our social media and video marketing strategies must evolve along with the expanded use to focus on mobile-first experiences."

Affiliates for the Win If your brand's like 81 percent of others, you have an affiliate program on lock. But we know the SaaS model isn't like everything else, so why would affiliates work the same? Paldesk has the tweaks, with SaaS specifically in mind, so you can get the most out of this marketing strat - plus, a list of the companies who did it right in twenty eighteen.


In headlines...

Asana Amps ARR Asana, the productivity suite developer and bonafide unicorn, just revealed that last year they crossed the $100 million dollar threshold for annual recurring revenue. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise after eight consecutive quarters of growth and a $1.5 billion dollar evaluation, but credible news nonetheless.  

Sporting New Threads It seems like everyone is chasing the success of Slack, with several similar apps out there connecting coworkers through instant messaging and real time updates. New startup Threads, though, has a different approach, focusing on asynchronous communication in creating a seamless narrative, and their latest $10.5 million dollars from Sequoia will definitely help. 

"Threads doesn’t want to be the place you go for red alerts or urgent requests, but where you go when you have thoughts about a work-related subject and how to tackle it."

Product of the Day

In extra time, we’re looking to the launch that will make your pricing better. SalesRight allows B2B SaaS sales teams to create and send interactive, personalized pricing guides to prospects. Teams get real time notifications and in depth analytics as prospects interact with the guide, allowing for more effective and timely follow ups. Armed with this new info, you can seal up any leaks in your conversion funnel, making each consecutive sale a cinch.

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