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Subscription60: Thursday, March 7th

Abby Sullivan Mar 7 2019

Welcome friends, to National Cereal Day. Today, we’re mixing up all kinds of cereal concoctions as part of our life’s journey to find the greatest combination. But first, let’s see what’s up with a Chargebee x AtWorks design series, ConvertKit on the value of doing it live, and Trailhead teaching us tech.

Hello friends, Abby here.
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The Rundown
In resources...

Doing It Live Everyone wants to be where the action is, which is why live events provide that extra push to really power your brand. If you need more convincing, watch this talk from the Craft + Commerce Conference, hosted by ConvertKit. The speaker here is Chad Collins, who went from building Legos with his daughter on YouTube to starting his own Lego convention, now running his own event production company. He explains why now's the best time to host a live event, and the lasting print it can have on your business.

A Chargebee Design Series Good design is about more than eye appeal. By keeping design in the forefront, you change the culture of your business, which in turn reflects in your product. Chargebee teams up with AtWorks in a Design for Business Series, where they discuss the importance of a design-first mindset and how to get your business on this track. Space is limited, so be sure to save your spot ASAP, as they launch first with a micro conference.

"Elevating the role of design in business consistently improves decision making, delivers more human experiences and achieves higher ROI. And with the rise of a new order of designers, it’s becoming more and more important for any business to adopt this new normal."

Autoklose Motivates We know that running a SaaS operation can sometimes feel like rolling a boulder up a hill, and the peak is nowhere in sight. Success through SaaS is out there, but if the path to get there was all smooth sailing, everyone'd be on it. 

"When people hear the word 'entrepreneur' they picture the likes of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, whose every business venture seems to turn into gold. But before they founded their juggernauts, became influencers, and started speaking at conferences, they also had their fair share of blows."


In headlines...

SurveyMonkey x Usabilla SurveyMonkey keeps climbing with Usabilla, a website/app survey company, in their acquisition of the Amsterdam-based startup for $80 million. For direct customer feedback, SurveyMonkey works wonders, and now they can additionally track customer behavior behind the scenes to bring the cycle full circle.

Contactually Yours Contactually, the customer management software geared specifically toward realtors, announces a collaboration with Compass. Unlike other realty websites, Compass connects potential buyers with the right people to guide them through the process, also focusing on providing realtors with all the tools they need to make the sale, and proving Contactually as the perfect match.

"We live our mantra that 'great relationships grow great businesses.' And like us, Compass has a deep appreciation for how strong relationships lead to growth and success... This acquisition is a major step in furthering that goal."

Product of the Day

Salesforce has, for years, taught newbies the Salesforce skills they need to succeed through Trailhead. The teaching tool's worked so well, they’ve now made it available to the public (with some tweaks) with the release of myTrailhead - a outlet for companies to create branded, fully customizable training materials. And myTrailhead promises to do more than just teach the tech. It makes onboarding seamless and communicates company culture (a sometimes nebulous concept) in a concrete way.

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