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Subscription60: Monday, March 4th

Abby Sullivan Mar 4 2019

Let’s kick off the week, subscription fam. Abby here, wishing you a happy National Grammar Day. You can bet the journalism nerd in me is gleaming, ready to talk Oxford comma, onomatopoeia, parallel structure, you name it. But first, let's geek out over some subscription news. 

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In resources...

The Art of Active Listening It's a pretty basic social skill for most, but for some reason, active listening hasn't really translated to our social media skillset. So Sprout Social hosts a webinar tomorrow at 1 pm CST to flip social on its head and discuss how being an active listener will help your strategy, plus how to know and grow your audience through feedback.

"As humans, we learn this in kindergarten, but as brands, we’re still trying to figure out how."

Kellogg's Book Reccs While we love the endless marketing resources flooding the internet (available with a quick click) there's nothing like sitting down, being totally present, and cracking open a fresh industry book. Marketing guru Dave Kellogg makes a case for the three books any business leader must read - some he scrounged from back in the early 90s, yet still ringing true. 

Moz Predicts SEO Moz leverages a boatload of data, and maybe a little magic, to predict the SEO trends for 2019. Some of the suggestions don't surprise us (Mobile is important? Think I've heard that somewhere.) but others make us think. We know SEO's the star of the show, so take a look to see where you agree, or where you quibble. 


In headlines...

Domain Authority 2.0 It's a double feature for Moz, because in addition to those SEO predictions, they're announcing a revamped version of their Domain Authority feature. The new Domain Authority will bring with it more accurate predictions of search performance with their advance machine learned model to gauge the strength of a site better than ever before. Dropping tomorrow, but you can read up on the changes being made on the Moz blog right now.

"We recognize that stability plays an important role in making Domain Authority valuable to our customers, so we wanted to make sure that the new Domain Authority brought meaningful changes to the table."

Asana x Litmus We're all ears regarding Asana's steady and impressive growth, and it looks like that success is paying off with new integrations, most recently with email mogul Litmus - a duo like no other. Litmus perfects your email marketing campaigns with professional templates and robust monitoring features, while Asana guides the team on track. Keep that efficiency train rolling.

Product of the Day

In extra time, we’re looking out for you, with the products and launches that make your business better. Zuora launches the latest edition of their Subscription Economy Index, in which they evaluate hundreds of subscription based businesses across multiple countries and industries, all so you can see what works and what doesn’t. Some of the highlights include: which industries are growing fast and what tactics are resulting in revenue, but download the report to get the full scoop. 

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By Abby Sullivan

Content Marketer

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