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Subscription60: Thursday, March 14th

Abby Sullivan Mar 14 2019

Good morning subscription nerds, and happy Pi Day. I’m talking March 14th (3.14) but let’s skip the math and splurge on some real pie. Apple, blueberry, cheese, you name it and I’m all about it. But before we binge, let’s jump in to the subscription news and resources you need to keep it rolling.

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The Rundown

In resources...

Getting Personal: Instapage vs. Optimizely Personalization is the best way to make sure your campaign clicks. But with the wealth of personalization software options out there, it can be tricky navigating which one is best for you. Instapage makes a case for their platform over Optimizely (or as a supplement), but first, better defines for us what personalization software actually gets accomplished. 

"Consider this analogy when you compare the Optimizely personalization experiences to Instapage… Optimizely built a car whereas Instapage built a train."

Quality Over Quantity Your best marketing decisions are backed by facts. Opinions and feedback are as important as numbers and data, which is why Hotjar compiled a list of resources for both qualitative and quantitative research. They've also differentiated the "whats" and "whys" of research, so you can decide which tool is best for your marketing quandary.

"If you want to make better—more profitable—marketing decisions, you need research to back them. Qualitative and quantitative research both have a role to play: together, they give you a rich portrait of what your customers want and need."

Long Haul Marketing You may be familiar with the sales cliché, "always be closing." Well in the SaaS world, you should "always be marketing." In-app marketing is how you engage customers — and keep them coming back for more. A continuous onboarding process and tricks like notifications and splash pages are just a couple strategies that'll turn your current customers into loyal fans, but for a more thorough explanation, check out Intercom's complete guide.


In headlines...

Feed Leads c/o Zapier One of our favorite workflow automation solutions, Zapier, just introduced a new integration with Leadfeeder to better track browsing behavior of an entire organization. Let's say someone uses their work email to download a free ebook from your site. You can use Leadfeeder to see how many from that company visit your site and what draws their eye. You can then use that info to personalize your pitch and convert those viewers into customers.

Accountability U As artificial intelligence finds its way into practically every major tech company and, increasingly, into government programs, transparency is key to keeping singularity at bay. With that in mind, Harvard and MIT have granted a combined $750k to projects that work to keep advancements in AI well reported and well understood.  

"On one hand, the technology offers a tremendous opportunity to improve the way we work — including helping journalists find key information buried in mountains of public records. Yet we are also seeing a range of negative consequences as AI becomes intertwined with the spread of misinformation and disinformation online.”

Product of the Day

For a Twitter game on point, you must start making use of the Media Studio. Twitter just added an update to their “Insights” tab, a feature dubbed Timing is Everything. With it, you can pinpoint the peak time to send a tweet that stands out. And with a crazy amount of content flooding our feeds, anything that gives us an advantage is worth adopting.

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