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Subscription60: Tuesday, March 12th

Abby Sullivan Mar 12 2019

Good morning, beautiful world. Thanks for tuning in crew, and a very happy day to Ben, our jolly good producer behind the scenes. Let us commence the celebrations with today’s subscription news and recurring revenue resources you can’t miss.

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The Rundown
In resources...

Conversation by Drift Conversational marketing should be just as frictionless as making plans with a pal. If you need pointers for kicking it off, Drift's marketing and content experts host a webinar (today at 2 p.m. EST) to break it on down. Best part is, these conversational marketing strats won't require any extra training, so you can start chatting right off the bat.

"Regardless of the medium, with conversational marketing you’re not just blasting your messaging outward, or forcing people to take an action: You’re answering people’s questions, and listening to their feedback, and then uncovering new ways to help them."

UrbanSitter Across the Map If you missed Marketplace Conference in San Fran this past year and are feeling the FOMO, Sharetribe has your series covering highlights from the conference to get you hyped on what's been covered (and what's to come). We're especially digging the story of UrbanSitter, a service that depends on community input and has successfully expanded to over 50 cities. Former COO Sarah Rose opens up about the team’s playbook for geographic expansion as they’ve seen success across the map.

"Marketing is a lot like lighter fluid: the product itself needs to catch fire and take hold, and then you pour the lighter fluid on to really blow it up. We were looking at markets that had the fire already started."

Kindful's Fundraising Expertise For the nonprofits out there, we're all about the resources that help you help others. If you're not already in the know, allow us to introduce you to Kindful, the nonprofit experts. They've got the knowledge that'll get your nonprofit known, and how to excel at online fundraising. And in even better news, they're sharing their insight with a guide to website, email, and social media nonprofits.


In headlines...

CodeShip Updates CodeShip announced the start of beta for the release of their new build page. Powered by a new backend, this feature is built from the ground up to create a faster, smarter, easier to use page than ever before. And if you haven't dropped the big bucks for CodeShip, don't sweat it — the feature's identical for both CloudBees CodeShip Basic and Pro customers.

AWS Guide by Cloudability Cost manager Cloudability brings the thunder, snagging the nomination as a finalist in the Most Disruptive category in the #ORTechAwards. If you’re looking to do the same, Cloudability’s ebooks — like this guide to AWS Billing Data — may be your speed. 

"Most Disruptive Award: Presented to the company that has been a true catalyst within their industry and proven their ability to disrupt the established way of doing things."

Product of the Day

The PomoDone app offers a way to manage your workflow using the Pomodoro technique, a time management method developed in the 80s. The technique uses a timer to separate work intervals into 25 minute sprints — each separated by short breaks — and is proven to boost creativity and motivation. What makes PomoDone stand out is its integration with a slew of productivity software including Trello, Asana, Slack, and Microsoft and Google suites. Ready to train your brain? Good news for all Subscription60 subscribers (both new and existing) PomoDone is offering a 20 percent discount code through March. If interested, and subscribed to the show, email for code access and I’ll hook you right up.

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