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Subscription60: Monday, January 28th

Abby Sullivan Jan 28 2019
Good morrow Monday goers. We're ready with your latest delivery of the recurring revenue resources and headlines you need to know today. Let’s kick off your week.

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In resources...

Advice from the Incubator Managing Director of Salesforce Incubator Mike Kreaden stops by the Incubator podcast to shed light on what he looks for when choosing a company to incubate, and setting yourself apart in a crowded market of technical visions.

"We’re really trying to accelerate success. We’re not trying to invent it.”

Reduce Slack Attack Ever feel attacked by how many Slacks you rake in on a given day? Wired has some solid tips on making this team collaboration platform (which we adore, don't get us wrong) a productivity booster, not just a gif sender - like minimizing notifications and going "compact."


In headlines...

Apple Spreads to Samsung Apple announces it’ll offer iTunes movies and shows, plus Apple AirPlay 2, to Samsung smart TVs – an industry first, which gets us curious about strategy here amid Apple offsetting slowing iPhone growth for the past three years after turning the spotlight on its Services revenue line.

Who'll Rule the Help Desk Market? 
Zendesk has owned the help desk market for a long time running, but companies like HubSpot, Salesforce, and now Kustomer have started converging customer relationship management across help desk, marketing, and sales. Will consolidation prove beneficial to the end user experience?

Andela Earns Bank Andela raises $100 million in Series D funding, valuing the company between six and seven hundred million dollars - as the future of work becomes distributed (not to mention Andela’s coveted connections to Africa’s finest engineering talent). Investors also point to the bonus of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"Andela’s distinguishing factor, according to [CEO Jeremy] Johnson, is the software it uses to assess applicants, train them, and then monitor their performance once they’re on the job."

Launch of the Day

And in extra time, we’re hunting for the launches and products to make your business better. Today, we’re all about Personalization by Instapage, which lets you craft a logical post-click experience without a developer. When a potential customer clicks on an ad, they’re brought to a landing page that’s an extension of that experience. You can tweak landing pages by demographic and other factors, tailor-making that user experience for your people.

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Calling all subscription junkies: For those of you digging Subscription60 and eager to spread the good word (plus reap the bennies from referrals) we'll soon have a referral program on lock, offering our loyalest watchers some exclusive goods. Stay tuned for more on this, as we dive into 2019 full throttle.

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