Subscription60: Thursday, January 17th

Abby Sullivan Jan 17 2019

Good morning friends, it is January 17th, National Get to Know Your Customers Day. And since customers rule everything around us, it’s safe to say we are pretty pumped to be here. Welcome back to Subscription60, your one minute roundup of recurring revenue resources and subscription headlines. Let’s get into it.


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In resources...

Forbes Gets Personal

Forbes talks brand personalization as a way to amp up your marketing. As we've witnessed personalized marketing come to the forefront of driving revenue, Infosys claims 86% of consumers consider personalization when purchasing - so the need for it feels urgent. Yet executing personalization successfully is not a shoe-in. 

"... almost two-thirds of digital marketers contend that it’s the single most difficult tactic: trickier than content marketing, SEO and email marketing."

Customers Rule Everything Around Us

In continuing with our customer-centric theme (and because of our undying appreciation for them) let’s take a look at leveraging customer success to reduce churn, improve retention, and increase expansion revenue. To dig deeper, we have a ProfitWell Report that compiles data from two thousand subscription companies and answers just how to do so.

Branding Early

Over on the Medium blog, Clement Vouillon takes a stance on performance versus brand marketing for early stage Saas companies - and which to nail down early on. While we know performance emphasizes lead and revenue generation, Vouillon reminds us that branding shapes how you're perceived. So he addresses questions like, “What does brand marketing concretely exist of?" (for early stagers) and how to find your “north star” in branding.

"The common denominator of all the success stories I saw: it’s started as an organic effort lead by passionate founders."


 In headlines...

GrowFlow Grows

In an aim of becoming a “seed to sale” platform, GrowFlow has officially acquired POS system LeafOps. With the acquisition, GrowFlow - 502 traceability and compliance software - strives to provide a seamless way to guide customers through the supply chain.

"We've got lots of new software tools coming out soon and with all the new states coming online, it's a great time to be involved in the industry."

Streaming on Fyre

The 2017 Fyre Festival disaster is back in headlines, but this time no one's going to jail (hopefully). Hulu released its Fyre Festival documentary just days before Netflix premiers theirs (set to release tomorrow), in an apparent programming competition. And although Netflix reportedly knew about (and was not really phased by) the timing, we'll be interested to see how this plays out in the wake of their recent price hike and a massive streaming service boom.

Launch of the Day

In finding the freshest launches, we discovered THE BAMF BIBLE - a compilation of the best growth hacks tested by some of the best in marketing tools, a complete recipe book with 500+ pages of how-to tactics. 

Reap Those Referral Rewards 

Calling all subscription junkies: For those of you digging Subscription60 and eager to spread the good word (plus reap the bennies from referrals) we'll soon have a referral program on lock, offering our loyalest watchers some exclusive goods. Stay tuned for more on this, as we dive into 2019 full throttle.

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By Abby Sullivan

Content Marketer

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