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Subscription60: Wednesday, February 27th

Abby Sullivan Feb 27 2019

Good morning, good people. It’s Abby here on National Kahlúa Day (so you know our coffee’s tasting a little funkier this morning). Jokes aside, we are ready to break it down with the recurring revenue resources and subscription headlines 

Good morning, good people.
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The Rundown
In resources...

The Data on Design On our newly released episode of the ProfitWell Report, Michal Sadowski of Brand24 asks Neel the widely debated design question: What's its impact on growth and willingness to pay? And we take a look at the data from 70,000 customers and 3,000 companies in uncovering the answer.

"... to get a direct answer out of the way, great design definitely boosts willingness to pay."

Xeno Takes Onboarding Live We all know the age old expression on first impressions, which is why the onboarding experience is crucial to keeping users happy and churn low. Xeno suggests adding a human touch to the mix, by implementing live chat in your onboarding process. The feature not only aids in answering the specifics, it in turn can earn you gold stars in UX.

Password Management Showdown Our friends at Zapier recently posed a password manager showdown, analyzing password management platforms LastPass and 1Password - so you can stop using combinations of your dog’s name to protect your personal info (which I am entirely guilty of) and start creating - and auto-remembering - even the hardest codes to crack.


In headlines...

From NomNom to EnjoyHQ The customer research platform formerly known as NomNom has revamped, re-branding itself as EnjoyHQ. Same customer feedback and user research compilation, new marketing site. They still offer solutions for the data-driven folks out there, as always - they just look a little shinier doing it now. 

Netflix vs. the Academy If you’re a loyal Oscars watcher, you may argue nothing compares to Old Hollywood. But the reality is: Netflix is a monster in the movie space, and Jon Evans over at TechCrunch shows us just how this streaming mogul may be eating away at the Academy.

"We can conclude that Netflix’s (and, to a lesser extent, Amazon Prime’s) reshaping of the visual media industry has only just begun; the repercussions of the first few tremors are still rippling through Hollywood, but we can expect ever bigger quakes in the years to come."

Product of the Day

In extra time, today we’re looking to a Prezi launch, a browser-based alternative to PowerPoint. There’s already plenty to love about Prezi, from their easy-to-use interface to their range of templates that make any presentation pop. But Prezi is upping the ante with a new feature: the PowerPoint converter. If you have outdated slides that need tweaking with Prezi, you can now seamlessly revamp them into the dynamic, visually compelling pieces they deserve to be.

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