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Subscription60: Tuesday, February 26th

Abby Sullivan Feb 26 2019

Good morning subscription world. Abby here on February 26th, National Spay Day. And today I’ll take on the role of Bob Barker from the Price Is Right, in so generously reminding you to be sure you have your pet spayed or neutered. And let's get rolling with today’s Subscription60.


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The Rundown

In resources...

Work Management Software You may be on to the effectiveness of project management software to keep your team on track, but what are you doing to ensure emails, meetings, and the in-between are in check? Paymo makes a case for work management software to aid in this - and how using both to fill in unavoidable gaps gives you the freedom to begin with an individual task, work on it, develop it over time, and even turn it into a project where need be.

"Answering emails daily, sending out invoices, or buying new office supplies will never become a project."

Questions? ThriveHive Has Answers ThriveHive has all the As to your Qs with their latest feature release - a free guided marketing inbox with which businesses can now assess, monitor, and respond to the most-asked questions from their prospective customers, directly from their inbox.

Retention Strat c/o the ProfitWell Crew Our ProfitWell crew is hosting a retention conversation (via webinar) this week that's all about better retention strategy. In it, you'll discover how the subscription economy's evolution renders optimizing retention essential for growth, the retention mistakes we see too often (and how to thwart them), plus insights on easily implemented, revenue boosting tweaks. It's all going down this Thursday at 2 pm EST, so sign on up here and send to those who'd want to get involved.


In headlines...

WaitWhat? $4.3 Mill? On the go listening is still very much raging in the educational and entertainment spaces, and yet another podcast mogul is stacking up investments. WaitWhat, the content production engine behind Reid Hoffman's (LinkedIn Co Founder) Masters of Scale podcast, just completed their Series A round, racking up a sweet $4.3 million.

SoftBank Funds Logistics We read through TechCrunch's transportation weekly and sniffed out this tidbit: SoftBank led a $1 billion dollar funding initiative in Flexport, a full-service air and freight forwarder. This isn't SoftBank's first time taking a dip in the transport/logistics pool, though. They've collaborated with companies like Uber, DoorDash, and even automated delivery robot startups.  

"Transportation and logistics are massive markets that are being disrupted by technology."

Product of the Day

GitLab, the DevOps software we know and love, just got even better with its 11.8 version release, amping up GitLab Pages with support of subgroups and the most popular templates, error tracking with Sentry, and more. For a full breakdown of all the new bells and whistles, check out the version update page. And if you haven’t used GitLab before, they’re offering a free 30-day trial, so now’s your time.

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