Subscription60: Friday, February 22nd

Abby Sullivan Feb 22 2019

Hello subscription fam. Abby here on Friday, February 22nd: National Margarita Day. But I’m also hearing it’s National Skip the Straw Day, so how the heck am I supposed to drink this thing? Another problem for another minute. For now, let’s get in to today’s subscription news and resources you can’t go on without.


The Rundown
In resources...

A World of AI The embrace of artificial intelligence may sound intimidating but simply put, it's anything that makes automation and predicting customer behavior easier. And businesses of all shapes can benefit. Read up on Salesforce's article to see how small businesses can leverage a growing world of AI

"'AI is in your future.' It may not be tomorrow or next week, but eventually, AI will be part of what drives SMBs to the next level. Are you ready to embrace the future?"

A Social Teardown In our Pricing Page Teardown released today, Patrick and Peter tear down the pricing pages of go-to social gurus Sprout Social and Buffer to declare which social platform users are willing to pay the most for their posts.

"While Buffer ranks as the better known of the two, we’ll dive into which packs the bigger punch in one of the fastest growing startup segments."

Context Is King If your SEO process looks like this: 1. run site audit 2. make changes 3. measure metrics - you're missing a crucial step. Context is key, especially in an SEO strategy. Moz highlights a case study to show how considering the context of your marketing channel mix can immediately affect SEO, and how acknowledging it can fix a leaky funnel. 


In headlines...

Vox Partners with Stitcher Vox Media doubles down on podcasts in their partnership with Stitcher on a revamped version of the Recoder podcast. The goal is to make the business tech podcast more accessible to a general audience. But, the real motivator behind the duo seems to be Vox's aim to become a part of the podcast pipeline. 

"Our podcast strategy mirrors exactly what we’re doing with television. We’re building a studio, scaling deals, competing with major studios to supply the modern programming ecosystem."

GetSwift x Delivery Biz Pro GetSwift logistics tech partners with Delivery Biz Pro to turn the delivery world upside down and seamlessly streamline the ordering process from inventory to final delivery. Under the terms of the transactions, the collective cost of the two companies’ assets will come to $4.5 million.

Product of the Day

When you’re amid cranking in sales, how much of your time is consumed by menial tasks (that often seem they have minimal to nothing to do with your end goal)? There are a ton of apps that can help shave down task time and get you back to selling. But that’s part of the problem (there are so many app options) and it’s hard to tell which ones really deliver. Thankfully for us, Intercom pares down the list to the ten must-have apps for any sales team.

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