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Subscription60: Wednesday, February 20th

Abby Sullivan Feb 20 2019

Welcome friends, to your subscription space. It is Wednesday, February 20th, National Love Your Pet Day. And although I encourage you to spoil your canines, felines, and various animal confidants every day, I’d like to use this as an excuse to feature my very special co-anchor, Charlie. Normally on the sidelines of production, today he takes the spotlight. 


The Rundown
In resources...

The Competitive Edge With 80 percent of SaaS companies expected to adopt a subscription model by 2020, the competition is cranking. Your pricing structure and strategy can make or break it (we can attest) so VentureBeat reveals the benchmarks that are key to making your business stand out in their live hosted event March 21st.

"Comparative benchmarks help you make decisions on how to structure subscription plans to maximize revenue and spur adoption."

Sprouting Among the Divided Sprout Social releases a thought provoker of a report on what consumers really want from brands amid a divided society (think political debates, contentious headlines, and an 'us vs. them' mentality) and claims brands can serve as the modern day "relationship experts." Read on and encourage your brand to get real, too.

Onboarding's Effect on Retention & WTP In the latest ProfitWell Report, our crew analyzed 500 software products in B2B and B2C and nearly 25k customers of those products to discover how a company's onboarding impacts customer willingness to pay and retention


In headlines...

Loom Booms If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video message worth? With Loom, a startup that enables instant video messaging, you can skip the email and say exactly what you need. Unlike a video call, the messages are asynchronous, meaning no more scheduling conflicts or connection issues. Not to mention Loom's reached $11 mill in Series A funding, so we're all ears for more.

Groove Back for Groove HQ Groove Founder Alex Turnbull had documented the company's startup journey since their first round of funding, but "fell off" during the last twenty months, due to the nature of the startup beast. He now announces Groove is back with Groove 2.0, completely revamped for users and the team alike. 

"Re-doing half a decade of work isn’t just technically challenging; it’s emotionally draining to scrap what you felt was your best work just a few short years ago. But we had to do it. And we did it. And now, we're finally here."

Product of the Day

GitLab is all about commitment, unlocking a whole new way to collaborate on software with the humble commit - faster time to market, more secure code, and more modern applications - as the single application that covers every stage of the DevOps life cycle. Remember that New Year’s resolution? Keep nailing it and hashtag #JustCommit to get help from GitLab and even be entered into their swag giveaway. 

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