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Subscription60 Weekly: April 8 to April 12

Abby Sullivan Apr 15 2019

The Weekly Rundown

4/8: Customers DIY-ing their own issues? Freshdesk says yes.




Let Customers Help Themselves

We’re all about that DIY life, and so are customers, which is why a customer portal that allows folks to complete their own troubleshooting is a no brainer. Freshdesk explains why: for reasons like providing multi product and multi lingual support, plus analyzing the impact of your resources.


An Intercom Updated

Intercom launches new features to class up the customer journey, not least of which is an integration with Chargebee so you can sync subscription info directly into your account, enhance customer support, automate workflows, and convert leads faster.


Farm to Table to Mouth via GrubMarket

Foodies can rejoice as farm-to-table startup GrubMarket raises $25 million to move forward in their endeavor of working with smaller farms and food startups.


True Detectives and Dragons, Now on Roku

Remember back in the day when you needed a premium cable subscription to watch HBO? We do too, because it was basically yesterday. Now, the streaming service is available via Roku, as they begin offering additional premium add-on subscriptions.


4/9: Balling on a Budget with the New York Mets



Bullhorn Stacked with Recruiting Automation

Automated messaging system TextUs partners with Bullhorn and Herefish to make the recruiting process less laborious, while still providing a personal 1:1 experience.


Using Live Chat to Fight Churn

Before a customer leaves the fold, there’s typically warning signs. If you use live chat, Xeno can help you identify at-risk customers using live support so you can jump in and change their mind.


Cheap Stands for the MLB

If you’re looking to ball on a budget, the New York Mets now offer a subscription service for standing-room only tix. If you still want a seat on the cheap, though, there’s always the stool at your local sports bar.


Worse Than MoviePass? Sinemia Members File Lawsuit

Good news: we’ve got another headline about a movie ticket subscription service, and it isn’t bad press for MoviePass. The bad: competitor Sinemia faces a class action lawsuit over customer complaints like hidden fees, cancellations, and in-app issues.


Netflix Kills Support for Apple AirPlay

It looks like AirPlay support from Netflix is officially dead, and you can no longer stream from your phone onto an Apple TV. Netflix’s reasoning is that the move to AirPlay 2 makes the experience less than ideal, but still left a little unanswered, and a bummer.


4/10: Are we all destined for a future of freemium?



ProfitWell Report: the Future Is Freemium

The latest ProfitWell Report is up, and this time Neel brings in CEO of Webforum, David Björk, to talk freely about freemium. Is it a flash in the pan, or are all SaaS operations destined to cook up this pricing structure?


Robots Can Help Us, Help You

ManyChat says it's a must, and shows us nine reasons to utilize chatbots: like welcoming new customers, cross selling, and preventing cart abandonment. Nike created one of their most successful sales campaigns with the robot chat, so who’s to say you can’t too?


Not All Churn Is Created Equal

So our good pals at Appcues are offering concrete churn reduction tactics for different stages of the customer retention journey.


Klaviyo’s Series B Score

Email marketing firm Klaviyo does things a little old school as far as startups go, building a profitable company before seeking out funding for growth. And that move has paid off handsomely, with Klaviyo recently netting $150 million in Series B.


4/11: Zenefits closes the pay gap, one tool at a time



Pricing Page Teardown Goes Live

If you’ve ever caught an episode of our show Pricing Page Teardown, you’ve seen Peter & Patrick rip apart the pricing strategies of the biggest names in subscription. 

We're doing it live.

We’re raising PPT one, and going live — for the first time ever. Watch ProfitWell history unfold with us Monday at 1 pm EST in a live PPT. You'll have to tune in to find out who we're bringing down this time. We'll also, as always, leave time for Q&A. Space is limited so snag your spot now.


Salesforce's State of Service

One of the grandest names in the customer service game, Salesforce, just released their annual State of Service report. They’ve identified the five fastest growing customer service trends, backed by tons of data, which you know we’re all about.


Magically Delicious Cereal Sub

Magic Spoon looks and tastes like the sugary cereal you grew up eating, but with a big difference: it’s actually healthful. Like, no-artificial-sweeteners-and-keto-friendly healthy. Best of all, it’s a subscription, so your bowl with never go empty.


Zenefits Minds the Gap

Equal Pay Day and the awesome crew at Zenefits are doing their part to close the wage gap, launching a compensation management tool built with SMBs in mind.


Review Video Your Way with, the industry-standard video review platform, recently made their API public to all. That means you can do more to custom-fit the software to your needs, like adding the Zapier integration and access to 1,300+ apps to your deck.


4/12: Reviews change the way we buy. But what about how we sell?



Plan Ahead for a Pricing Page Teardown

Our latest Pricing Page Teardown looks at the type of platform that affects everything we do: scheduling. Check out Acuity and Calendly to see which not only helps you plan your day, but knows how to bill you for it too.


Tag, You're It Flywheel

Flywheel — on a mission of making it easier to sort through all your sites, started by the ability to search and filter from your dashboard — releases the ability to group sites with custom tags.


WordPress Engine Gets CRM Tech via HubSpot

WP Engine and HubSpot partner to streamline digital experiences, giving users the marketing tools they need right in their site portal.


InVision It: Instant Issue Resolves with Jira

Design platform InVision introduces deeper integrations with Jira, letting users embed actual InVision prototypes within a Jira ticket. And coming soon to InVision Studio: a Jira app that'll show ticket status in real time.


GoDaddy Does More with Sellbrite and Marketplaces

GoDaddy makes it easier for small businesses to list their products across Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Jet, and with the launch of GoDaddy Marketplaces — in tandem announcing its acquisition of Sellbrite, the company whose technology will power the capabilities.


Facebook Launches Its Answer to Patreon

Fan Subscriptions enables users to pay for access to creators’ exclusive content, but with Facebook snagging a 30% cut before fees (plus permission to use the content indefinitely) some creators could be turned all the way off.

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