4/19: $20M enough to patch up your problems?

Abby Sullivan Apr 19 2019

Hello kind people. It is a good morning and a Good Friday. Regardless of your religion, be good to yourselves and one another, and look forward to all those discounted candy covered chocolates come Monday. But first, we’re here with your subscription and recurring revenue indulgence. Let’s do it.


The Rundown
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Positive Attributes c/o Agorapulse

If you’re looking for a smarter way to advertise, Facebook’s Attribution tool is essential. It shows you how targets react to your ads, and Agorapulse shows you how to use it.
How can I turn those metrics into conversions? We know those back-end Facebook tools aren't the most user friendly, which is why we appreciate Agorapulse breaking it down with plenty of screenshots and graphs. They've got that covered, so we're going to talk about how to turn those insights into action. With Facebook Attribution, you can see things like Last Clicks before conversion, how paid sources panned out versus organic, and which campaigns drove the most traffic (and conversions) to your site. You can also see how your campaigns performed across devices. Notice that Facebook mobile users don't convert on your mobile site, but will on desktop? Either fix your mobile shopping experience, or switch focus to ads that play better on a desktop. Is an ad not getting a ton of engagement, but the people that do engage tend to convert? Widen your audience a bit. Advertising on Facebook isn't cheap, so make sure you're doing the most to make that dollar stretch. 


HR Trends: Do Better By Doing Good

We’re a third of the way through 2019 (wild, right?) and while we had big ideas about the HR landscape going into the year, some things stuck, and others fell to the wayside. Zenefits breaks down the HR predictions that are thriving, for a reason.
What's the HR haps? If you're keeping an eye on the current climate in general, it should be no surprise that compliance is the number-one trend in human resources. Sexual harassment prevention, paid leave, and following overtime regulations are just a couple ways businesses are being held accountable, and if you falter in this space, people will notice. On the subject of staying in line with the current culture,  employees (and onlookers) admire a company that's committed to diversity and inclusion. Another major concern is the wellbeing of employees as human beings, not just worker bees. The cost of living is rising faster than infrastructure can accommodate so many companies are taking it upon themselves to ensure their employees' financial wellness, dissuading them from seeking out greener pastures. This bleeds into a focus on employee wellness overall and providing a workplace that fosters a healthy mental and physical state. Anything that makes their jobs easier, be it switching to a single service provider or implementing AI, is much appreciated. Simply put, your focus is on doing good, and success is to follow. 


Customer Relations Lessons From Insightly Women

Insightly spotlights three of their most successful clients, all enterprising women, to learn some valuable lessons in customer relations. And we’re feeling that female empowerment.
Pass that know-how onto me, please. The first step to success is knowing what you're getting into. All these women spent years in their field before making the startup leap. Like Professor Lynda Gratton, who spent over fifteen years studying workplaces before launching her team-building consultancy Hot Spots Movement. Knowledge is power when it comes to customer relations. Having a clear idea of what your customers need (because you've met them) and identifying problems in the industry (because you've dealt with them yourself) will help guide business decisions down the road. Necessity is the mother of invention, which is why clearly defining a problem is the first step to finding the solution that is at the heart of your business. Take Candice Simmons, founder of Brooklyn Outdoor. She identified a wide gap between Fortune 500 companies and the audiences they're trying to influence. Billboards were the obvious point of contact, so she worked to connect independent operators with the big wigs. Choosing the right tech for the job is also extremely important. When Dr. Stacy Lindau, founder of healthcare startup NowPow, was selecting a CRM, it was important to her that the software behind their simplification of care was simple to use. Also, because healthcare is a lifetime commitment, visibility into customer relationships over a long period of time was essential. The last lesson Insightly learned from these amazing women? Always lead with empathy and authenticity, because "It’s easier to trust your vision and stay on course when you stay true to yourself." 


In headlines...

Hireology Receives Healthy VC Funding

HR software Hireology raises $12 million more in VC, with an aim of tapping into new markets, specifically healthcare.

What's the plan? Currently, Hireology is most widely adopted by car dealerships. That is because the software is tailored to franchising and keeping hiring practices consistent across locations. Hireology has been pushing for adoption in the healthcare industry for a while, specifically home and long-term care. After all, both car dealerships and hospitals have long-standing relationships with their charges, so there is an overlap in values. In the past year Hireology has expanded its workforce 25%, up to about 200 employees, and this round of funding should spur even more growth. 


A Super Subscription for Homeowners

If the thought of jumping from renter to home ownership (and owning up to all those repairs) wigs you out, you’re not alone. Super is a subscription for maintenance and property repair that recently raised $20 million in Series B,  which should be enough to patch up most problems.

Fixed right up. It's the American dream: a house in the suburbs, 2.5 kids, a minivan in the driveway. You know what's less dreamy? A busted water heater, backed-up pipes, and sticky locks. Having someone else there to fix your home is a nice perk to living that rental life. Super realizes this, and subscriptions make our lives easier in all slews of ways, so why not extend right out to home repair? They have several payment tiers, and while the repairs require a copay, the hope is the subscription will eventually be able to cover all costs. It's like homeowner's insurance for minor maintenance. Another perk of renting your superintendent is that you're not stuck finding reliable contractors and overseeing their work, that's Super's job. Currently the service is tailored to homeowners, but if funds continue to pour in, Super may expand to property management and commercial use. We're just stoked that there's a way for us to live on our terms and still have someone else change the air filters. 

Product of the Day

If you’re ready to supercharge your email marketing (as you should be), we recommend a platform like Sendlane, to whom we should also wish a happy fourth birthday. And one of their coolest features is the ability to use tags. You probably already use lists to target certain segments of your audience, but with tags, you can do even more. Want to message loyal customers that made a purchase recently one thing, and those who have fallen off another? You can do that. The Sendlane blog has a step-by-step guide to tagging so there’s no reason to not adopt the smarter way to send.

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