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Subscription60 Weekly: April 15 to April 19

Abby Sullivan Apr 22 2019

The Weekly Rundown

4/15: An Uber-important IPO 





Look at Those Leads

We all have that one that got away. We’re talking about leads, of course. Pipedrive has some advice on not losing out on your best prospects.

How Nathan Barry Grew ConvertKit to $8M in Four Years

Intercom launches new features to class up the customer journey, not least of which is an integration with Chargebee so you can sync subscription info directly into your account, enhance customer support, automate workflows, and convert leads faster.

Merci, Instapage

Everybody deserves a little extra appreciation, especially your product users, and Instapage has ten creative ways to practice that gratitude.

Triplebyte's Series B Shakeup

Triplebyte, a startup that helps recruit tech talent, raises $35 million to further their mission of disrupting Silicon Valley.

An Uber-big IPO

It’s finally happening, folks. Uber files its IPO, dedicating $10 billion to stock, firmly situating itself as one of the biggest tech companies ever to go public.

A 3-in-1 Disney+ Bundle

News out of Disney’s Investor Day: the entertainment giant will likely offer ESPN, Hulu, and Disney+ as a bundle, making their product even more appealing in what will certainly be a Netflix/Amazon showdown.

4/16: Disney+ vs Netflix: the battle rages on


Curaytor Your Search

So you’re losing business to your competition, you say? A quick Google search should clear things up, and Curaytor has an in depth piece looking at the why behind people choosing your competition over you (and how to turn that around). 

How Will Netflix Adapt Without Disney Content?

In the wake of Disney’s Investor Day, their stock saw a boost while Netflix’s took a hit. On the AVC blog, they debate the value of functionality vs. content in the streaming world amid a look at these streaming giants’ futures.

Zapier Helps Us Get Cloze to Customers

Zapier launches an integration with Cloze, a tool for smarter relationship management that keeps everyone’s info in one cohesive spot.

Dashlane Snatches Spotify CMO

Password manager Dashlane makes some major moves, closing a $30 million funding round and bringing former Spotify CMO into the fold.

Designing a Unicorn: Forbes x Canva CEO

As part of their entrepreneurial women series, Forbes has a profile on Canva co-founder and CEO Melanie Perkins, revealing how design’s favorite unicorn was born, and how it grew into the billion dollar operation we know and love.

4/17: Apple pays to play with Apple Arcade


Zapier Finds Forms That Fit (for Free)

Zapier’s all about that information drop. So they find the nine best form and survey builders for us, all free, with trendsetters like Typeform and Ninja Forms topping the list.

Userpilot on Activation

There’s too often misunderstanding between the “aha moment” and user activation. And since Userpilot knows user activation is one of the most important KPIs in SaaS, they have your "in" to making it happen.

Traffic In, Leads Out with Mike Sonders

Recurring rev superstar Mike Sonders reverse engineered over 50 SaaS companies to see where the heaviest traffic originates from, and offers us a guide — using data, research, case studies, and 10+ years of digital SaaS marketing expertise — to help us design a marketing channel mix and get the most cost-effective impact. This one’s a doozy, and we are diving deep.

ProfitWell Report: Is Software Heading to $0?

On the latest ProfitWell Report, we’re talking pricing (our favorite) with MightySignal CEO Ryan Buckley, as he ponders if all software is bound for $0. Of course we found your data, and evaluated over 2 million customers to discover if the theory holds water.

Apple Pays to Play

When it comes to gaming, Apple is not playing around. According to a Gizmodo report, Apple is looking to spend upwards of half a billion dollars on streaming for Apple Arcade. That’s a whole lot of coins.

4/18: Is it the end of Hulu as we know it?


Bullhorn + LinkedIn = Recruiting Relief

Bullhorn releases Recruiter System Connect (or RSC) as the next-gen integration that connects Bullhorn ATS with LinkedIn Recruiter to make recruiters more effective using both solutions.

Walmart Dresses the Kiddos

Walmart partners with Kidbox — a subscription clothing box for children — taking the guesswork out of shopping for junior.

No More Hulu? AT&T Sells Shares

More streaming shakeups ahead of Disney+: AT&T sells their stake in Hulu, leaving Disney with 66% control in the company. But it’s not just about money. If Disney ever assumes complete control of Hulu, there’s no guarantee other networks will play nice and keep hosting their content there.

BlueJeans Reaches $100M in ARR with Room to Grow

BlueJeans celebrates a not-so-casual milestone, reaching $100 million in ARR. And their success has rubbed off on the partnered Microsoft Teams, now being used by over 500,000 organizations worldwide.

4/19: $20M enough to patch your problems?


Positive Attributes c/o Agorapulse

If you’re looking for a smarter way to advertise, Facebook’s Attribution tool is essential. It shows you how targets react to your ads, and Agorapulse shows you how to use it. 

HR Trends: Do Better By Doing Good

We’re a third of the way through 2019 (wild, right?) and while we had big ideas about the HR landscape going into the year, some things stuck, and others fell to the wayside. Zenefits breaks down the HR predictions that are thriving, for a reason.

Customer Relations Lessons From Insightly Women

Insightly spotlights three of their most successful clients, all enterprising women, to learn some valuable lessons in customer relations. And we’re feeling that female empowerment. 

Hireology Receives Healthy VC Funding

HR software Hireology raises $12 million more in VC, with an aim of tapping into new markets, specifically healthcare.

A Super Subscription for Homeowners

If the thought of jumping from renter to home ownership (and owning up to all those repairs) wigs you out, you’re not alone. Super is a subscription for maintenance and property repair that recently raised $20 million in Series B,  which should be enough to patch up most problems.

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