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Retaining through activations with Meister's Kevin Kuhn

Neel Desai Mar 2 2022

On today's episode of Retention Talk, I speak with Kevin Kuhn, Head of Product at Meister. We talk about moving away from the "solution-first" mindset, activation being the first step in retention, and building strong relationships with other teams.


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Show takeaways

Key points discussed in the episode


If you give the team big problems to solve and aligning on the big problems, that's where motivation comes from.”                                                                                                            –

Kevin Kuhn

Moving away from the "solution-first" mindset

As Kevin puts it, they try not to just keep fixing every single problem a customer comes to them with. Instead, they gather data around the underlying problem and use that to improve the product. Instead of making faster horses, Meister is trying to evolve into cars.


Activation is the first step in retention

If folks sign up but don’t activate, writing an email to ask what happened can illuminate problems in your onboarding process. A customer who doesn’t understand the product in the first place is unlikely to stick around and boost your lifetime value.


Build a strong relationship with other teams

Sometimes there can be a natural tension between product and other teams. Kevin says, the solution is to work together with customer success and sales teams, because all teams have contact with the user.

Additionally, people who come through your self-service funnel are just as important as customers who sign up through the sales team, and oftentimes these are people who are educated about your product and interested to move forward with what they already know.



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By Neel Desai

Product Lead, ProfitWell

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