Pricefx CMO, Patrick Moorhead, on creating sticky content

Patrick Campbell Jun 8 2021

Do you know where your phone is right now? 

Apologies to the folks who just paused this podcast, or looked around in a panic to try and make sure they located it. But, I hope that underscores the importance of that device. But why is your phone so important? It’s the key that connects you to the world. But that’s not what the key unlocks. It’s merely what you see on the other side of the door. The door that the key unlocks is simple: communication.

If you can effectively communicate with someone then there isn’t a need for marketing or sales, or even product. Your ability to convey value to a customer is what allows you to make a transaction possible. So if you can’t communicate, well then, increasing the bottom line will just be an excruciating uphill battle.

In a world where everyone is fighting for interrupting thumb scrolls and surviving inbox purges, you need to be effective with your messaging. You need someone to guide you in the right direction. You need someone like Patrick Moorhead.

Patrick is the CMO at Pricefx with stopovers at Catalina Marketing and Twitter. Immediately after talking to him I could tell he’s adept at marketing and messaging. But don’t take my word for it. His thoughts and wisdom are coming up next.


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Here we summarize the main takeaways for you to implement or hand off to your team for implementation.


Key term:

What is sticky content?
Sticky content refers to content published with the purpose of capturing people’s attention and interest, so they engage for longer periods of time with your content, and keep coming back. It should add value and stand out.

Why is it important?
The average attention span of a human being is now just around eight seconds. We are inundated with information, but with little time to consume it all. So our brains have basically trained themselves to focus for very short bursts of time. 

Needless to say, your content needs to stand out—it needs to stick. Knowing how to create sticky content has now become pivotal to the success of your business.



Action plan:

What to do today: 
  • Follow Patrick Moorhead.
  • Schedule a time to meet with your marketing team to discuss and review your current content marketing strategy.

What to do next quarter:

Develop new and sticky content. Whether you’ve identified an area you’d like to increase engagement in, or you have a product launch coming up, or you simply want to try a new way of delivering certain information—a sticky content strategy is always a great way to approach it. Not only will it help you think outside the box, but you’ll likely gain new prospects.  

So, how do you create sticky content? Always keep in mind that your content is meant for consumers, but not just those familiar with your industry or product. The point is to create content that sticks with your audience, but that also reaches and captures the attention of new audiences, and in turn creates a greater awareness of your brand and brings in the right leads. As Patrick pointed out, you know you’re providing the right content when people are finding you because you’re answering questions they have, not just about your brand, but about things they’re interested in through your content. 

So, to help you get started, we put together a list of tips for crafting your own sticky content:

  • Tell a story 
    • You want to make your content compelling to provoke an emotional connection. 
    • Providing anecdotes or real-life and personal examples will help readers relate and pull them in.
  • Keep your writing simple
    • Keep in mind the short attention span we have—don’t use complex language or jargon that those unfamiliar with your product or brand will have to decipher. 
  • Think multimedia
    • Find different angles to present traditional content (e.g., white papers, case studies, courses, etc.)
    • Using Patrick’s example of their Streaming Wars campaign, they took something (Star Wars) everyone loves and is familiar with, and adjusted it to their brand and content. So even those not familiar with Pricefx, we’re intrigued and learned about what Pricefx is and does.
  • Create interactive content
    • Interactive content keeps readers engaged. Implement quizzes, tips, games, contests, etc.—this also increases shares.
  • Become a resource for content
    • Don’t try to cram everything into one post or video. Instead use it as an opportunity to create a series, or multiple articles that will keep people engaged and coming back.


What to do within the next year:

Launch or implement your sticky content strategy, and as always, measure the output. Getting a reader’s attention is no easy task, so you want to make sure you're learning what type of content drives the best results, and what doesn’t.

Who should own this? 

Your marketing department.


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